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Perth man arrested following police manhunt

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WA Police are scouring Perth’s southern suburbs tonight after a man went on a ‘relentless’ rampage yesterday.

Police in Perth have managed to arrest a man following a nearly two-day manhunt across the city after he allegedly went on a 'relentless' rampage yesterday.

The 40-year-old was arrested at the Swan River near Manning last night after a dramatic chase caught on a police body camera.

He ran from police and jumped out of a closed window before allegedly attacking two elderly women in an effort to make an escape.

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Manhunt underway in Perth's southern suburbs after man's 'relentless' rampage

The video shows the man in his underwear and holding a shovel at 7.30am Thursday, as police draw their Tasers.

"Put the shovel down, put the shovel down now, stop... stop," police can be heard yelling in the video.

Detectives chased the man through a Como construction site, before police pulled their Tasers for a second time.

But again, the man runs away, jumping fences and into strangers' backyards.

"He was desperate, he actually dove through a closed window to get out of the house," Detective Sargent Matthew Atkinson said.

'Mary' was one of two elderly women allegedly attacked on Edgecumbe Street during the southern suburbs rampage.

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Manhunt underway in Perth's southern suburbs after man's 'relentless' rampage

"He just clocked me and pulled me backwards and down I went... you really don't have much choice in that case," she alleged.

The 84-year-old was walking her dog when the man charged towards her.

She hit her head on the concrete.

"I saw it come and I thought he's going to finish me off... but he didn't," she said.

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"He's very strong and I couldn't have fought him off even if I tried, I'm just a little old lady."

Police said the man came in contact with an 82-year-old woman next.

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Manhunt underway in Perth's southern suburbs after man's 'relentless' rampage

He allegedly stole her handbag, grabbed her keys and took her car, which was later found dumped in Huntingdale.

Police launched a full scale search for the man, scouring the city and warning Perth residents to watch out for the man identified as a "risk to the public".

The man was initially wanted over burglary offences but is now facing a string of additional charges.

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