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Patients with severe brain damage targeted in China organ harvesting ring

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A group of doctors in China have been sentenced to up to three years prison for harvesting organs from patients.

A group of doctors in China have been sentenced to up to three years prison for harvesting organs from patients.

The gang of six people, four who are doctors, were found guilty of harvesting organs from 11 patients from southeast China between 2017 and 2018, according to official reports from the Intermediate People's Court in Bengbu, in Anhui province.

Members of the group were jailed between 10 and 28 months for the crime.

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While the sentence was handed down in July, and underwent a failed appeal in August, details of the case were not revealed until Shi Xianglin, son of one of the victims, leaked court documents to a local news outlet.

Court reports said Yang Suxun, head of the intensive care unit at Huaiyuan County People's Hospital at the time, used to target patients with severe brain damage.

It was Mr Suxun's role to persuade the patients' families to agree to donate organs and get them to sign what they believed were legitimate consent forms.

Instead, the dead patients were rushed into a van, disguised as an ambulance, and operated on without the presence of family or staff from the Red Cross Society of China, as required by the country's domestic law.

Former organ procurement chief at Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital, in Nanjing, China, Huang Xinli performed 11 out of the 12 procedures, with the other conducted by doctor Lu Sen, the court reports said.

Xinli was assisted in his operations by Wang Hailiang, who worked as an organ procurement liaiason officer at the hospital between 2015 and 2018.

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Two accomplices, Huang Chaoyang and Ou Yang, who helped deliver the organs, were also charged.

The ring was eventually busted by police in 2018, after Mr Xianglin, who leaked the court documents, was left in a coma with his mother Li Ping after a car accident and filed a complaint.

Mr Xianglin's father and sister were tricked into signing a fake consent form. Another family member received 200,000 yuan ($A41,250) as payment.

All six were charged with "insulting a body" and the doctors were also found in breach of falsifying medical records.

Source: 9News

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