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Palaszczuk on why she hasn’t had COVID-19 jab amid growing pressure

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It comes after Peter Dutton questioned the premier’s leadership, calling on her to “roll her sleeve up” today.

Pressure is mounting on Queensland's premier and chief health officer to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, despite their insistence they are waiting to receive their flu shot first.

Annastacia Palaszczuk is the only eligible Australian premier or chief minister yet to receive the vaccine and CHO Dr Jeanette Young is also yet to receive her vaccine despite being part of the phase 1B health response group.

"I will be getting my flu shot with Dr Young first next week," Ms Palaszczuk said this morning, reiterating comments she has made previously.

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"A lot of people are getting their flu shots first because we're coming into flu season.

"I'll be doing that and then I'll be getting my COVID vaccine."

The two vaccines must be spaced out.

9News has confirmed Dr Young is set to receive the Pfizer vaccine, not the AstraZeneca, as she is part of phase 1B.

Ms Palaszczuk said Dr Young was "happy to wait her turn just like everybody else".

"She's not on the vulnerable category like other people are so she'll get her vaccine at the appropriate time," she said.

The AstraZeneca vaccine. Australia has recommended under 50s get the Pfizer vaccine.

The news comes after the TGA confirmed six more blood clot cases - four with links to the AstraZeneca vaccine and the other two with probable links to the AstraZeneca vaccine.

Despite the development, the health advice remains that people should visit their GP and receive their vaccination as soon as they are eligible.

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'Roll your sleeve up'

Federal MP Peter Dutton today criticised the pair for not having had their vaccinations, saying they had let Queenslanders down.

"I really don't understand the premier's position. I think in a position of leadership it is important, particularly now, to demonstrate that leadership and to make sure that you lead by example," he said.

"They need to, I think, go out today, roll their sleeve up and make a very public statement about the fact that they have got the vaccine and encourage other people to do it."

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Prime Minister Scott Morrison today urged older Australians to get vaccinated.

"By early next week we will have vaccinated more than half the over-70s population in Australia and very soon we will have fully completed the vaccination of all those in residential aged care facilities," he said.

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"This is important because these are our most vulnerable populations.

"I would encourage families to have that discussion with their elderly parents."

He declined to comment on Dr Young receiving the Pfizer vaccine, saying only that being in phase 1B meant she could pick either.

Anyone over 50 as well as people in phase 1A and phase 1B are now eligible to be vaccinated. Check if you are eligible here.

Source: 9News

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