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New scam targets Aussies seeking tax claims

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A new scam email is impersonating the Australian Government’s myGov website.

A new scam email is impersonating the Australian Government's myGov website.

Scammers have flooded inboxes with myGov impersonation messages, using the new year to claim users are eligible for a tax return over $180.

"As a result of examination, we have made adjustments to your income tax return for the year ending 12-2019. To protect you from identity theft, we need to verify your identity before we process the return and issue a refund," the body of the message reads.

The email promises users that their refund will be complete within 21 days.

ACCC's Scamwatch has discovered the impersonation email and released a warning for Australians via Twitter.

The Department of Human Services warns Australians to be aware of the growing threat of scam emails, phone calls and SMS pretending to be from Government departments and agencies.

"The department won't send links to your personal email address, or by text message. However, the messages you get in your myGov Inbox are secure and it's safe to open links included in myGov Inbox messages," according to the Department.

Australians are advised against:

"The threat of scams is very real, and anyone can be the victim of a scam, even those who are generally careful," a DHS spokesperson said.

- Have you been a victim of a scam? Contact reporter Inga Neilsen.

Source: 9News

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