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New logo will ‘attract attention’ despite coronavirus comparisons

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The Deputy Prime Minister says the country’s new product logo will “attract attention” around the world, as he reassured shoppers the “iconic” Kangaroo Australian made symbol is going nowhere.

The Deputy Prime Minister says the country's new product logo will "attract attention" around the world, as he reassured shoppers the "iconic" Kangaroo Australian made symbol is going nowhere.

Yesterday it was confirmed the beloved kangaroo logo, which many look for when buying local products is here to stay, despite wide-spread confusion it is being replaced.

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A new design, inspired by the country's national flower, the wattle will now be used by business, industry and government, alongside the kangaroo.

It will directly replace the Australian Unlimited logo, which features two boomerangs which depict the shape of Australia.

Michael McCormack told Ben Fordham on 2GB this morning it "looks pretty good" but appreciates some were "hopping mad" when it was thought the kangaroo image was up for the chop.

"We can have both flora and fauna," Mr McCormack said.

"The wattle is to attract attention at international trade shows such as the one in Dubai next year, that's 173 day exhibition of everything countries all around the world have to offer.

"We know Australian made is best, we know that Australian made is finest and the kangaroo will be on those Australian Made logos and the wattle will also be there to attract attention, so I think it's a good idea.

Minister Simon Birmingham had earlier cleared up to confusion, after the new logo was unveiled.

"Kangaroos will continue to be a key part of Australia's marketing and logos from our Air Force to our tourism campaigns, our national airline and our sporting teams," Mr Birmingham said.

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New logo looks like 'a virus'

The new wattle logo has not been well received.

NSW MP Mark Coure took to Twitter to slam the new design.

"I can't believe they have changed the Australian made logo to look like this, it looks like a virus," Mr Coure said on Twitter.

"I will be writing to the Australia's Nation Brand Advisory Council & Trade Minister to reinstate the Kangaroo!"

Mr Birmingham confirmed there is "no change" to the Australian made logo and the kangaroo has not been replaced.

"The Morrison Government is investing $5m to support the Australian Made kangaroo logo," he tweeted.

Mr McCormack said he didn't think the wattle looks like a coronavirus symbol, as it's gold and not red.

"It's been used for decades," he said.

In reaction to ex-National Party leader Barnaby Joyce saying it looked like "bird poo on the windscreen", he said; "If they're talking about it, they're seeing it, and maybe that's a good thing too."

Australia's image gets a facelift

While the Australian Made logo remains, the colour palette will be changed from green and yellow to reflect the deeper gold used in the new wattle logo.

"Australia is inconsistent with its use of multiple logos, colours and narratives, which dilute our brand offering and confuse our potential audiences," a report by the Nation Brand Advisory Council said.

"This is why we have modernised our national colour scheme with the use of a deep green and actual gold, rather than yellow."

The decision to redesign the logos will "bring some unity to the way in which we present the nation to the world" Mr Birmingham said.

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