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Mother-of-four found dead in driveway

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A woman has been found dead in her driveway in the Adelaide suburb of Pennington.

A mother-of-four has been found dead in her driveway in the Adelaide suburb of Pennington.

Police and emergency services were called to the Addison Road home at 7.40am after reports that 45-year-old Kim Vu had been found beneath her car.

It is not known how Ms Vu came to be under the vehicle but an investigation has been commenced.

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Close friends say it was Ms Vu's son who discovered her and immediately raised the alarm.

"Her son called my friend here this morning and we were really shocked," a friend said.

Those close to Ms Vu gathered at her home today, remembering her as a generous and loving mother.

She had emigrated to Australia from Vietnam just three years ago for a better shot at life.

"We met her when she just arrived ... so we are all going to miss her," another friend said.

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Detectives spent hours at the Addison Road home collecting evidence, but at this stage they can't say how Ms Vu's death played out.

They have confirmed her death is not suspicious.

The car involved has been towed away for forensic analysis.

Ms Vu leaves behind four children, two aged just seven and 10 and two in their twenties.

With no other family in Adelaide, three of Ms Vu's children are now on their own, but her friends say they will rally together to support them.

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"We will all miss her very much and she will be deeply remembered by all of us and just want to let her know that we'll be looking after her kids," the friends said.

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