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Morrison Defends Claims Budget Doesn’t Do Enough For Women: “It Simply Isn’t Possible To Cater For Every Single Minority Group”

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“We don’t have an endless pot of money;

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has responded to claims that women were the losers in Tuesday night’s budget, saying it is an unfortunate reality that not all special interest groups can be catered for.

“We don’t have an endless pot of money; there isn’t a money tree growing out the back of parliament house. I wish there was. So we have to draw the line somewhere. And unfortunately some of the smaller, niche groups in society are going to miss out this time,” he said.

Mr Morrison said he was aware of women in Australia. “I’ve met many women. There are some women in my own party in fact, as far as I am aware. My wife is a woman. But in tough economic times you need to divert money towards the largest areas of society where spending can have the biggest impact –  tradies and school chaplains”.  

Source: The Shovel

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