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‘More exciting than Xmas’: Dramatic weather U-turn celebrated

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People are welcoming the deluge of rain across the country, as Australia’s weather went from one extreme to another.

Social media users have welcomed the deluge of rain across the country, as Australia's weather went from one extreme to another.

On Twitter, #Sydneyrain was trending in Australia, just the a few days after some areas saw dramatic dust storms, and less than three weeks after the worst of the devastating fires swept through parts of NSW and Victoria.

"What a way to wake up!  We welcome you with open arms!" Melissa Elias said.

Mums4Refugees said: "Little people waking up more excited for #Sydneyrain than for Xmas."

Shirley Leitch shared the "best view ever" at Sydney Airport.

Weh Yeoh said it was "glorious, and unique," to have to close the windows to keep out the rain rather than smoke.

Maria Vidal-Fernandez shared a picture of three kookaburras in the downpour, saying: "What a welcome, Rain and 3 kookaburras looking and singing happily."

On Instagram, Evie the Golden retriever enjoyed a wet walk, with her owner saying the dog was "so surprised" by the weather.

Meanwhile in regional areas, others were also celebrating the U-turn in weather.

Sarah Bradly, from Dalton, NSW  wrote on Facebook group One day Closer to Rain: "Last week we were chasing the puddles to pump up for our stock and house tanks! Today I had to rescue our pump that was fully submerged! This is Australia! From one extreme to the other!"

Brian John Giddings said he hasn't seen rain for an incredible three years in Wellington NSW, but has had 25mm today.

"After 3 years of nothing, and being on this group, this fantastic group, that has stuck by us farmers ,finally some rain," he wrote.

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"I don't think I have ever been so god dam happy in my life.

"It's a long way back yet but we have water in our dams ,and our water tank that's been dry to our house for 5 months is full."

Heidi Gray from Delungra, NSW shared two photos, 24 hours apart after 70mm of rain, which turned her dam from barren to full of water.

The New England High Country page shared a video of a waterfall, saying "welcome back old friend."

The Australian Reptile Park on the NSW Central Coast saw its worst flooding in 15 years and has been forced to close.

Australian Reptile Park Director, Tim Faulkner, said also noticed the extraordinary change,.

"This is incredible. Just last week, we were having daily meetings to discuss the imminent threat of bushfires, just 8km away from the Park here in Somersby.

"Today, we've had the whole team out there, drenched, acting fast to secure the safety of our animals and defend the Park from the onslaught of water."

Hail was reported in Canberra just days after the capital was choked by smoke.

Just days after experiencing the worst air quality in the world due to nearby bushfires, Canberra's streets were covered with hail.

Damage was caused by the intense storm, which hit the capital yesterday afternoon.

The SES answered dozens of calls for help.

Source: 9News

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