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Melbourne road signage blunder could have turned dangerous

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A major road signage blunder at South Melbourne could have triggered dangerous consequences, whilst causing confusion for motorists this week.

A major road signage blunder in south Melbourne could have triggered dangerous consequences for motorists after it caused mass confusion this week. can reveal a contractor, employed by South East Water, accidentally painted a right turn arrow in the left lane at the intersection of Montague St and Normanby Road, instead of a left turn arrow.

The blunder came to light on 3AW this morning after it sparked concerns from motorists who were turning right from the left lane, with fears they could risk crashing into a vehicle going straight.

Caller Jack told 3AW's Ross and John the confusing arrow has now been painted over.

"It wasn't photo-shopped, it was actually real," he said.

"They fixed it last night. They've painted the right turn bit black and put the other bit on the left-hand side, so nobody can be confused."

South East Water spokesman Terry Schubach apologised for the error and confirmed it had been fixed.

"Unfortunately, one of the lane markings was incorrectly painted," he said.

"Our crews have been on site this morning and have corrected the road marking.

"We're sorry for the mistake and any inconvenience it has caused. "

Source: 9News

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