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Man refused bail over 1995 murder of business owner

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Police have charged a man over the 1995 murder of a Sydney businessman after offered a $1 million reward.

A former employee of Blacktown car wrecker Hasan Dastan has been denied bail after he was charged with murder, 24 years after the bloody killing.

Sydney father Kubilay Kilincer, 58, was arrested at a hotel in Sydney Olympic Park last night and charged with Mr Dastan's 1995 murder.

Mr Kilincer, who was named as a "main suspect" in a coronial inquest in 2000, faced Burwood local Court today.

Mr Kilincer did not come up from his cell for the hearing. He did not apply for bail and it was formally refused.

He spoke to 9News on Tuesday from his Granville home and said he hoped police would "find who did it".

Mr Dastan, a father-of-three, was found dead underneath a car inside his Blacktown workshop on December 11, 1995, having been attacked with a sledgehammer and iron bar.

Mr Kilincer's arrest came two days after police offered a $1 million reward for information with, Mr Dastan's daughter Yasemin and wife Sultan pleading for help to crack the cold case.

The Dastan family is now seated in court, as well as Kilincer's family as they wait for the alleged killer to face a magistrate.

This week Mr Kilincer also said: "I was the last person to see him alive," but that he wanted to put it "all behind me".

Yasemin Sevim, Mr Dastan's daughter, said her family had mixed emotions about the murder charge against Mr Kilincer.

"Our family was so heartbroken to have lost Dad in such brutal circumstances just over 24 years ago," Ms Sevim said.

"He was such a kind and hardworking person and it's been very difficult living without him for more than two decades.

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"While I know this doesn't bring him back, we are so thankful that investigators never gave up on him. They worked tirelessly to find out why he was taken away from us."

At the time of the attack, tensions boiled with Mr Dastan's son confronting Mr Kilincer at the workshop shortly after his father was found dead on a Monday morning.

It was reported he was furious Mr Kilincer had not been at the Tattersall Road workshop when his father was attacked.

On Tuesday the state's new homicide boss, Detective Superintendent Danny Doherty, said unsolved homicide detectives attached to Strike Force Biltine II had re-investigated the murder, with the benefit of advanced technology and new information.

"We think about dad every day and the life that was taken away from him and from us. It's taken a huge toll on my mother who was left to raise three children on her own," Ms Sevim said earlier.

"My younger brother was ten at the time he never knew dad as we did, his grandchildren were never given the opportunity to meet him."

Source: 9News

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