Exclusive: A major supplier of vital protective equipment to Australia's hospitals including masks and surgical gloves has run out of supplies, as COVID-19 cases climb across the country.

AMA Medical Products has advised all doctors it does not know when stocks can be replenished because of "challenging" and "unprecedented" global demand on manufacturers.

In an email seen by Nine.com.au, AMA said it had been deluged with urgent orders for masks, gloves and other personal protective equipment.

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Doctors and healthcare workers in an Intensive Care Unit in Italy wear overalls and other protective equipment to prevent COVID-19 infection.

The medical supply firm said all that protective equipment, so crucial for frontline staff to treat patients and stop the spread of coronavirus, was gone.

AMA cautioned that "due to the shortage of these items globally" it could not estimate when or even "if" new stock would arrive.

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The email also warned hospital purchasing teams other core pandemic related products, such as hand sanitiser, cleaning solutions, viral and disinfectant wipes, were depleted to "very low" levels.

"Unfortunately, we have received no confirmation as to when or if we will see fulfilment of our purchase orders from manufactures (sic) and suppliers for these products," AMA advised.

"The effect of COVID-19 on our healthcare system, patients, the community, and our customers is unprecedented."

When contacted by Nine.com.au, an automated AMA message confirmed that, for now, it was impossible to order masks, gloves and personal protective equipment.

There are concerns over how Australia's healthcare system will be able to manage an exponential spike in COVID-19 infections, if that occurs.

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