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Last Gasp Election Announcements

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Media release – Tasmanian Liberals, 30 April 2021 Expanding 24 Carrot Kitchen Garden Program To More Tasmanian Schools A re-elected majority Gutwein Liberal Government will invest in a successful school kitchen garden program, teaching more Tasmanian children how to grow, prepare and enjoy eating healthy produce. 24 Carrot now operates in fifteen Tasmanian schools and […]

Media release – Tasmanian Liberals, 30 April 2021

Expanding 24 Carrot Kitchen Garden Program To More Tasmanian Schools

A re-elected majority Gutwein Liberal Government will invest in a successful school kitchen garden program, teaching more Tasmanian children how to grow, prepare and enjoy eating healthy produce.

24 Carrot now operates in fifteen Tasmanian schools and communities, helping young Tasmanians live healthy and happy lives, fuelled by fresh produce and healthy cooking.

A re-elected majority Liberal Government will invest $1 million over four years to expand this successful program to three secondary schools in Southern Tasmania and two North West Primary schools.

Our investment will see 24 Carrot work with schools on the North West coast and the secondary school system for the first time. It will mean that young people transitioning into high school can continue to build on the knowledge, skills and access to nutrition they’ve received in primary school.

A garden would be established at each of the schools, with kitchens adapted to ensure the program is consistent with the curriculum. The investment would also support staffing in line with the current model.

Teaching children to grow and prepare their own food has wellbeing benefits, is an opportunity to learn about nutrition and helps establish healthy eating habits.

This commitment to 24 Carrot is part of our increased focus on preventive health and nutrition. The earlier good habits are established, the more likely they will continue throughout adulthood.

A majority Gutwein Liberal Government looks forward to working in partnership with 24 Carrot as part of our plan to secure Tasmania’s future.

Mountain Bike Event To Receive Support At Maydena

A re-elected majority Gutwein Liberal Government will support the bid for Maydena to host a future Enduro World Series.

If successful, this would be a fantastic two-day event for the Derwent Valley area and takes in some of Tasmania’s best wilderness. The event will attract competitors and spectators from all over the country and overseas, if international borders have eased.

If re-elected, within 100 days of the swearing in of the Government, we will enter discussions with the proponents of the event.

We would allocate funding through the $8 million Events Support and Attraction Fund which is aimed at drawing tens of thousands more visitors to the State.

Only a re-elected majority Gutwein Liberal Government has the clear plan to secure Tasmania’s future and its events.

Media release – Rebecca White MP, Labor Leader & Bastian Seidel MLC, Shadow Health Minister, 30 April 2021

Labor will fund enhanced mental health patient navigation program to solve Gutwein’s chaotic approach

A Majority Labor Government will fund an enhanced Patient Navigation Program to improve the integration of mental health care and ensure no Tasmanian is left behind in the state’s mental health system.

Labor Leader Rebecca White said the fragmented Tasmanian system under the Liberals leads to poor clinical outcomes and ongoing frustration in the community.

“The mental health system under the Liberals is a maze with insurmountable barriers for many patients, carers and their families,” Ms White said.

“Patients with complex care needs require more and varied healthcare services, along with a high degree of coordinated care, and evidence has shown that these patients and their families have better outcomes if they have access to integrated care.

“Peter Gutwein – as Treasurer for the past seven years – has cut health by $1.6 billion. He has created chaos with Tasmanians seeking treatment for mental ill health becoming lost in a system that has not met their needs.

“Government should be helping Tasmanians requiring that help – not hindering them – and not making getting help more and more difficult.”

Shadow Health Minister Dr Bastian Seidel said the system for Tasmanians seeking help for mental ill health was on the verge of collapse with psychiatrists just this week telling the AMA they were ready to leave the state rather than continue to face rampant under-resourcing and under-funding.

Significant support will be provided under Labor’s program with $475,000 a year for three volunteer coordinators across three regions and volunteer support and training, in addition to a one-off cost of $100,000 for IT support.

“Under a Majority Labor Government, patient navigation will improve the integration of care for those who need it, providing a personalised service to give people guidance on what service to access and allow them to have all their mental health needs assessed in one place,” Dr Seidel said.

“A Majority Labor Government will provide funding over four years to Mental Health Families and Friends Tasmania to provide centralised information for mental health consumers, which can be accessed online, over the phone or face-to-face.

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“The patient navigation program would have to have a ‘no wrong door’ policy, to ensure that when a client is not in the right place, they are supported and referred to the correct service.

“No Tasmanian should be left behind in our mental health system and Labor is committed to supporting the patient navigation program as it supports any Tasmanian who needs to access mental health services.”

David O’Byrne MP, Shadow Treasurer, 29 April 2021

Only Labor will keep Tasmania’s energy assets in Tasmanian hands

Tasmanian Labor has a clear position on privatisation of public assets, institutions and services.

Shadow Treasurer David O’Byrne said Labor is committed to keeping public assets in public hands, preventing privatisation by stealth and the hollowing out of Government Businesses.

“Wherever possible, services should be provided by the state, for the state, and our assets and institutions should remain in state ownership,” Mr O’Byrne said.

“Where assets are already Government Businesses Labor wants to ensure that they are genuinely working for all Tasmanians.

“In recent years the Tasmanian public have had good reason to be sceptical about the GBE sector.

“Some sections of the GBE sector seem to be more interested in corporate self-promotion and bureaucratic expansion than in maintaining and enhancing quality services at the lowest possible price.

“Labor will conduct a comprehensive review of Government Businesses to ease cost of living of living pressures on Tasmanian families, reduce costs to Tasmanian businesses and create more local jobs and economic activity.”

Mr O’Byrne said that within the first 100 days of Government Labor would also introduce legislation to close current loopholes and prevent the sale of any energy assets without the approval of both House of Parliament.

“The loopholes in the current legislation are so large you could drive a truck through them.

“Currently the legislation allows for the sale of any asset that is not classified as a “main undertaking” without needing the approval of Parliament.

“It is the shareholder ministers and the GBEs themselves that determine the definition of a ‘main undertaking’ so the current protections are not worth the paper they are written on.

“We know that as recently as March this year as Treasurer and shareholding Minister of Hydro, Peter Gutwein put Momentum on the market.

“Only Labor will stop the sale of important energy assets and we will legislate to ensure the Liberals keep their hands off the Hydro for good.”

Media release – Tasmanian Greens, 30 April 2021

Greens launch plan to kickstart agribusiness

The Greens have launched their plan to kick-start agribusiness with a farm ownership incubation program.

The program will rent out land to aspiring agribusiness entrepreneurs to give them the experience and proof of concept they need to attract investment.

Greens candidate for Lyons, Liz Johnstone, said Tasmanian agribusinesses – underpinned by a ‘clean and green’ brand – must be supported so they can continue to take the world by storm.

“Our niche, high-value products make up a quarter of our exports and are key employers in lutruwita/ Tasmania, particularly in regional communities.

“Tasmanian wines, cheeses, honeys, and spirits, to name just a few, keep receiving international awards. Starting an agribusiness, however, can be a challenge. Agricultural land can be expensive and attracting investors for a start-up can be difficult.

“Farm ownership incubation programs aim to address this challenge by leasing out small plots of land at a modest cost.

“While an agribusiness incubation program has recently opened in lutruwita/Tasmania with great success, this has assisted existing landholders to refine their business, and does not focus on farm ownership.

“In a farm ownership incubation model, agribusiness entrepreneurs pay a smaller cost in the first couple of years, and gradually pay higher rents as their business matures. The programs also have readily available equipment which allows participants to start their projects without the significant cost barriers of land and capital.

“Incubation programs are embedded in farming communities – which can provide access to mentorship from established farmers.

“The Greens are committed to supporting our agricultural sector to enhance and grow the agriculture sector more broadly to ensure Tasmanians have the best pathways to secure, sustainable employment.”

Whilst not released today, this was a significant earlier announcement we missed.

Cassy O’Connor MP | Greens Leader, 23 April 2021

Tackling Poverty Must be a Priority of the New Parliament

Tasmanians shouldn’t have to worry about how they are going to pay the rent, keep the power on or feed their family. More than 120,000 people are, however, living below the poverty line.

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Poverty in Tasmania is getting worse by the day, yet neither the Liberal or Labor parties are talking about it. The Greens, however, have a plan that puts struggling Tasmanians first.

While the COVID-19 emergency measures were in place, low income Tasmanians were lifted out of poverty by the JobSeeker supplement, and protected from rent increases and eviction by measures the Greens made sure were included in the COVID emergency legislation. On 1 February this year, the Gutwein Government ended these tenancy protections.

With the JobSeeker supplement ending and rental prices soaring, the Australia Institute research states 30 000 more Tasmanian were plunged in to poverty over the past year. People are sleeping in cars, under bridges and along old forestry roads.

It is because of government priorities that Tasmanian children are now going without. Tackling poverty must be a first priority of the new Parliament.

Tackling poverty through emergency measures when Parliament returns is essential.

People need crisis accommodation, rent relief, fresh food, help with their energy costs, school and transport costs.

We are call on all parties contesting this election to join us in putting poverty back on the agenda.

The Greens have released our plan. We look forward to seeing the Liberals and Labor both present an emergency response plan to lift tens of thousands of Tasmanians out of deepening poverty.

You can read the Greens’ plan here –

Media release – Sue Hickey MP, 30 April 2021

‘President’ Gutwein’s silent majority

Politicians often talk about the silent majority to push through unpopular policies but in Tasmania, the silent majority represents Premier Peter Gutwein’s Ministers and candidates during the current election campaign.

Apart from the Premier, occasionally Deputy Premier Rockliff and reactionary conservative Michael Ferguson, the remaining Ministers and candidates are silent, rarely, if ever, talking to the media and failing to turn up at community forums.

Independent Clark MP Sue Hickey said there was no doubt the Liberals and Peter Gutwein were running a presidential campaign, afraid that candidates were incapable of defending the Government’s appalling record or would say the wrong thing.

“They’re like a bunch of store dummies or life-size statues – saying nothing and doing nothing! What it shows is the Premier doesn’t have confidence in his ministers to say the right thing so best not say anything at all.

“The Liberals have consistently avoided the two main issues in the campaign – health and housing and instead have tried to run on the Premier’s performance during the COVID-19 pandemic,” Ms Hickey said

“All he did was take the advice of the health officials, as he should have and as every other State Premier and the Prime Minister did.

“The health officials and the doctors and nurses, particularly those working in our hospitals are the people who saved Australia during the pandemic, not Peter Gutwein or any other politician.”

Ms Hickey said the Premier wanted people to vote for his Liberal team, but few people knew who they were or what they stood for.

“Where is the Health Minister defending their shameful hospitals record and where is the Housing Minister explaining the appalling housing crisis gripping Tasmania?

“They’ve been silenced by the party bosses and campaign apparatchiks in the mistaken belief the ‘President’ Gutwein will carry the day.

“They wouldn’t even allow Prime Minister Morrison to come to Tasmania for fear that he would be criticised or would be an embarrassment.

“Well, I believe that Tasmanians are smarter than that. They want to know what their politicians are going to do, and the people will not be fooled by slippery and tricky politics.”

Ms Hickey said the Liberals were ’no shows’ at community forums.

“They are avoiding community scrutiny and they are avoiding the important questions.

“The silence from most of the Liberal candidates is deafening. They are not allowed to speak, they don’t have a voice and are beholden to Premier Gutwein and the arch-conservative party bosses” Ms Hickey said.

“Tasmanians must ask themselves whether these silent party candidates will be allowed to be a voice for them in Parliament, or whether they will continue on as sheep, following the leader.

“The people of Clark have a unique opportunity to vote for an independent voice this election. One who will put people before politics, hold the government to account and work hard to get things done.”

Key priorities for new parliament

Health, housing, traffic solutions and growth in jobs and small business must be among the key priorities for the new parliament to be elected tomorrow (May 1) .


Independent member for Clark Sue Hickey MP says immediate action to deal with the housing and homelessness crisis, to address the hospitals and health catastrophe, mental health and drug rehabilitation, appalling dental health statistics and resolution of Hobart’s traffic and transport problems, as well as support for should be the first order of business after the election.

“In health, this includes the immediate employment of more nurses, real and substantial funding to cut the surgery and dental waiting lists and for mental health, drug and alcohol intervention and rehabilitation services,” Ms Hickey said.

“An independent anti-corruption body needs to be established, or the Integrity Commission upgraded with appropriate resources and powers, election spending laws introduced as matters of urgency and an absolute commitment that the incoming Government will be transparent and accountable.

“As well, we must see real solutions to resolve the traffic and transport problems plaguing greater Hobart, real action on the development of Macquarie Point and a comprehensive infrastructure plan for the region.

Ms Hickey said she had spent the past three years continually calling for these issues to be addressed and the Liberal Government had failed dismally.

“It has spent the past 12 months hiding behind the COVID-19 emergency, and while managing this was important, all the other pressing issues confronting our State have been neglected, put to one side or ignored. They didn’t care until the election campaign and then they started throwing money around like they owned a printing press.

“The Tasmanian electoral reality is that majority government is not guaranteed for either the Liberals or Labor and whichever party gains the most seats may need the support of independents or minor parties to govern.

“At the outset, if I am fortunate enough to be re-elected by the people of Clark, I am clearly stating what I believe should be the priorities for the Government and the parliament.

“In the first instance, this should include the immediate employment of up to 400 additional nurses to resolve the critical shortage at the Royal Hobart Hospital and other hospitals, approval of my $100 million three-year interest free loan program for affordable housing and action on dental health, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, prison reform and the establishment of a small business taskforce.

“I firmly believe that the economic cost of inaction, of not addressing the matters I have raised, is too great and any responsible government would find them acceptable.”

Ms Hickey said she had spent the past three years in Parliament working hard for the people of Clark and more broadly for all of Tasmania.

“I will always put people before politics and am standing for re-election as an independent so I can continue to place the interests of the people of Clark and those of Tasmanians at the forefront.

“I have not and will not be beholden to the big party donors, the vested interests and lobbyists, the party machines or the faceless factions. I have fully funded my own campaign and if elected, I will represent and be answerable only to the people of Clark and that is what we deserve in all our politicians.

“Tasmania needs a government that has big, bold brave and accountable ideas. Rather than majority government, we need a change in parliament where challenging thinking, more negotiation between the parties and good ideas rule the day, and are not shut down by political authoritarians.”

Note on Kristie Johnston, other independents and smaller parties

Throughout the entire campaign TT has not received a single communication from Clark candidate Kristie Johnston. Her campaign is being managed by former regular TT contributor Peter Tucker, so he is aware of our publication. We have also met Kristie at forums and collective media events going back several weeks, so she too is aware of the existence of TT.

We have not received many direct communications from other independent candidates, but where we did we tried to ensure they received some coverage. Independents Lisa Gershwin and Mike Dutta for example featured prominently in the two Clark forums for which we published full transcripts.

We did not receive anything from the Australian Federation Party nor the Shooters, Farmers and Fishers Party. We received an invitation from Animal Justice Party to an event with a visiting speaker, but no formal statements or media releases.

Source: Tasmanian Times

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