Kourtney and Kim Kardashian take their feuding to new heights in the latest teaser for Season 18 of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.” 

In the clip, which dropped on Tuesday, the camera opens with Khloe Kardashian cosplaying as momager Kris Jenner. The Khloe/Kris hybrid sets a fairy-tale-like scene and, much like an original Grimm’s fairy tale, things get very violent. 

As the clip unfolds, something ― though it’s unclear what the central issue is ― is going on between Kim and Kourtney. Naturally, the sisters resolve it by hitting each other, with Kourtney landing a massive slap across Kim’s face before Khloe is able to separate them. And plenty of adult language comes out.

Things get real this season. 

“I will fuck you up, you literal cunt,” Kourtney screams at Kim, as she throws a water bottle at her sister. Kim dodges the bottle, then comes for her elder sister and begins kicking and punching her. 

“Stop, you two!” Khloe yells while trying to separate her sisters. She can’t get them apart in time to stop Kourtney from smacking Kim across the face, who obviously doesn’t take it well. 

“Just get the fuck out of here,” Kim snaps as sisters Kendall Jenner and Khloe look on. “I don’t even want to see your fucking face.”

“I’m getting the fuck out,” Kourtney, who is clearly upset, shouts on her way out. “I don’t want to be near your fat ass.”

The sisters ― who have called each other everything from “least interesting to look at” and “an evil human being” to a “fake humanitarian hoe” ― have continually butted heads over the years. But this appears to be one of their worst fights yet. 

In a separate teaser released on Tuesday, Kourtney gives some insight as to what their conflict appears to be about. It all comes down to dynamics between the sisters.

“For years it used to be Khloe and I against Kim,” the Poosh founder reveals in a confessional. “And for the last maybe three years, it’s just been such a different dynamic where it’s been Kim and Khloe against me.”

Kourtney said the dynamic shift has changed her demeanor, as she feels “like my attitude back to them is a reflection of how they’re treating me.” 

Season 18 appears to be a turning point in the relationship between the sisters, as the family alluded to Kourtney quitting the show (or being fired after many years of grumbling and reducing her hours) last year. 

But even if she were to try to leave, Khloe told “Entertainment Tonight” in November that the show is a “revolving door.” 

“Kourtney might leave this week, but she’ll be back. They all come back,” she added.  

“Keeping Up With the Kardashians” premieres Thursday, March 26 at 8 p.m. ET on E!.

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