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Koala makes itself at home in woman’s Christmas tree

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An SA woman called a rescue service when she found the animal nestled among her frosted baubles and snowflake decorations.

There are still 23 days until Christmas, but one koala couldn't wait — finding a way into a woman's home in South Australia and making itself comfortable in her Christmas tree.

The Adelaide and Hills Koala Rescue charity shared photos of the animal in its festive new perch this evening.

An Adelaide woman had found the koala nestled among her frosted baubles and snowflake decorations, and called the rescue service for assistance.

At first, the group explained in a post on Facebook, the operator "thought it was a prank call".

"But no, a koala desperate to get in the Christmas spirit had wandered into Amanda's house and decided it wanted to be the fairy on the Christmas tree."

In comments on the post, rescuers confirmed the koala was a female —who appeared to be quite at home amidst the green (albeit artificial) foliage.

The charity, also known as 1300KOALAZ, runs a 24-hour hotline on the same number — rescuing and rehabilitating, and ultimately releasing koalas who've found themselves in strife. They explain on their Facebook page that they volunteer-run, with workers caring for animals in their own homes to avoid extra bills and overheads.

"We also believe in protecting koala habitat and regenerating habitat lost through deforestation or bushfire," their description adds.

Koala populations across the country were decimated by the nightmare bushfire season.

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