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Kangaroo rescued from abandoned mine shaft in Victoria

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A man has risked his life to save a kangaroo carrying a baby joey that fell down a deep mine shaft Victoria. 

A man has risked his own life to save a kangaroo and its joey after they fell down a 11m deep empty mine shaft in Victoria. 

A gold prospector first spotted the mammal and its baby when he heard a sound coming from the mine shaft outside Vaughn, Victoria, 120km north-west of Melbourne on Sunday.

The min shaft was just wide enough for the rescuer to descend.

"Not a year goes by without a shaft recue," Manfred Zabinskas, from Five Freedoms Animal Rescue, told 9News Watch.

When Mr Zabinskas arrived at scene he tranquilised the roo to prevent panic before abseiling to the bottom of the narrow and fragile hole to make his rescue.

The kangaroo made a "miraculous recovery" despite her heavy fall.

He and other activists have spent years calling on the government to do something about empty mine shafts due to the significant risk they pose to animals and people.

"There are literally thousands around the gold fields in Australia," he said.

"We dread that one day a child will fall down and get seriously injured and maybe then the government will start taking it more seriously."

Despite her long fall, the rescued kangaroo has recovered and released back into the wild.

"It was a miraculous discovery, I brought her up to the surface and examined her and I couldn't find anything significantly wrong but she was sedated at that stage so I took her home with the expectation she'd be in care for a few days if not weeks," Mr Zabinskas said.

"But she recovered from the sedation, had a drink, sniffed some grass and it wasn't long before she was hopping around her lounge room and jumping over furniture."

The kangaroo was found lying at the bottom of the 11m hole.

Mr Zabinskas said despite the risk involved in the rescue, it is vital to protect Australia native wildlife following devastating losses in bushfires, drought and floods.

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"That makes these rescues all the more special because we've lost more hundreds of thousands, millions, perhaps even into the billions of animals so a lot of people criticise that we've gone to this much effort and risk to save one kangaroo but when you consider our losses in Australia, every life is precious and I think they deserve all the effort we can give them," he said.

The Kangaroo had a tiny joey inside her pouch.

Source: 9News

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