Democratic vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris called out the “childish” Republicans who’ve mocked her first name. 

The senator from California told “The Daily Show” host Trevor Noah that a name is the first gift a child receives from their family:

“It is usually informed by tradition and love, and the hope and aspiration the family has for that child. It is something precious and sacred, and it is a part of their identity. And when I see people fighting for the right for that to be respected and treated in a dignified way, I applaud and salute them.”  

Then, Harris took aim at conservatives who “play childish games” with an opponent’s name, such as President Donald Trump and Senator David Perdue.

“It speaks poorly of their appreciation for the responsibility and the role that they have,” she said. “And I think it’s a reflection of their values and maturity.” 

Source: Huffington Post Australia Athena2