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‘It’s disheartening’: Queensland hospital staff dealt extra blow amid coronavirus crisis

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Nurses and hospital staff working to alleviate suffering and stem the spread of coronavirus become the target of thieves south of Brisbane.

Brisbane hospital staff who are at the frontline of the coronavirus crisis have been dealt a major blow after thieves targeted their vehicles overnight.

In a social media post a woman who said she was a nurse at Logan Hospital shared a photo of her smashed window.

"I'm a staff member of the Logan hospital emergency department," she wrote.

"Twenty or more other staff members had their car windows smashed & items stolen from ED carpark, overnight."

She said the hospital had been forced to remove bedside hand sanitisers and face masks because visitors are stealing them.

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"I'm so over going to work to give help to the sick and injured and this is the crap we get back," she said.

Executive Director of Logan Hospital Noelle Cridland confirmed a number of cars had been damaged.

"A number of cars were damaged and items stolen in the Logan Hospital car park overnight and it is extremely disappointing that this has happened to our staff and visitors," she told 9News.

"This matter was reported to the Queensland Police Service and Metro South Health will continue to assist the QPS with their investigations."

Two people wearing face masks walk out of the emergency entrance at Westmead Hospital, in Sydney's west.

Another woman who said she was working at the hospital said "about 20 cars got smashed".

"I was there last night working in Logan hospital fortunately nothing happened to my car but I feel sad for other workmates. We work hard to look after other people and about 20 cars got smashed, broken windows, whoever did this needs to be caught," she said.

A resident doctor who also works at the hospital said they were "extremely understaffed".

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"Doctors and nurses are working on call and double shifts to help as many people as possible in the current COVID-19 criris, and for this to happen is so disheartening and scary for healthcare staff," he said.

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Queensland Police Service also confirmed it was aware of about 19 cars which had been damaged.

Thieves got hold of small amounts of cash, cigarettes, phone chargers and sunglasses.

Logan police are investigating and said they were "disgusted" by the incident.

"The real cost to the victims will be the time and money to repair the damage caused during the break-ins, which included at least one smashed window," Senior Constable Jennifer Wallis said in a statement.

"Police are disgusted that thieves would target vehicles parked at a hospital and affect those who are most likely already suffering from an illness or are staff working hard to help patients."

Queensland calls on Commonwealth for more supplies

It comes as Nine's Brisbane Times reports Queensland's hospitals are running low on gloves, masks and gowns.

The state's diagnosed case total currently stands at 78 and the Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk is expected to announce further measures to slow the infection rate later this evening.

Queensland's Chief Health Officer Dr Jeannette Young says the state's hospital staff have been asked to take "sensible measures" to ensure supply of personal protective equipment (PPE).

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PPE includes things like face masks, gloves and other garments designed to protect from infection.

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Dr Young said the state would be receiving help from the Federal Government to ensure hospital staff have enough equipment.

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"To ensure we maintain supplies, we're asking clinicians to be mindful of how they use PPE, to avoid having unnecessary staff in the room when tests are taken and any other sensible measures that will reduce how quickly they need to use PPE," she said in a statement to 9 News.

"Queensland received assurance from the Commonwealth that it would help meet our needs," she said.

"Queensland is in a better position than many other states because we have our own, significant, stockpile."

Source: 9News

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