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Immunocompromised to get third COVID-19 vaccination

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A third dose of a COVID-19 vaccine has been recommended for some immunocompromised people by the country’s peak immunisation body.

A third dose of a COVID-19 vaccine has been recommended for some immunocompromised people by the country's peak immunisation body.

The Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI) said today people over the age of 12 with conditions that severely impact their immune systems should get a third dose two to six months after the second dose.

The preference is they receive a mRNA vaccine such as Pfizer or Moderna, though those who have already received AstraZeneca can get a third dose of that.

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A 12-year-old is vaccinated at a clinic in Dandenong in Victoria.

About 500,000 Australians are considered to have weaker immune systems.

Chief Health Officer Paul Kelly said the third dose should be given between two and six months after their second dose.

"Unfortunately some people that have immune systems that don't work as well as the general population, those vaccines may not lead to that protection," Professor Kelly said.

"The evidence is now clear that people in those categories of immune-compromised should receive a third dose."

People with compromised immune systems include people with active blood malignancy, blood cancer or HIV, stem cell or organ donor recipients, or people on certain types of arthritis medication or steroids.

Thirty million coronavirus vaccines have already been administered in Australia.

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Eighty per cent of Australians older than 16 have had a first dose of the vaccine, Health Minister Greg Hunt said.

"In terms of whole of population first dose coverage, we've not only passed the USA but we've also passed Israel and the EU," Mr Hunt said.

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"That is a measure of what Australians are doing by coming forward."

Australia has administered over one million vaccines in a three-day period, the highest three-day period in the rollout.

A vial of the Pfizer vaccine.

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