January 19, 2021

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‘I didn’t go to the concert to do that’: Nurse saved Wiggle’s life

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<p>A young nurse who came to the aid of original Yellow Wiggle as he suffered a cardiac arrest on stage last night has been praised for saving the performers life.</p>

A young nurse who came to the aid of original Yellow Wiggle as he suffered a cardiac arrest on stage last night has been praised for saving the performers life.

Greg Page was taken to Westmead Hospital after collapsing during the reunion concert at Castle Hill RSL last night.

Grace Jones, who was watching the performance which was raising funds for the bushfire crisis, stepped forward when she saw Page collapse.

"I didn't go to the concert expecting to do that so it all feels a bit surreal. I do stuff like that every day at work that I have never had to do it without equipment," Ms Jones said.

Paramedics said Ms Jones used a defibrillator to help resuscitate Page and performed CPR in a matter of moments.

"It's only through the efforts of the bystanders before we arrived that he's alive today," NSW Ambulance paramedic Brian Parsell said.

"It was actually an extraordinary story of survival.

"It is a reason why he is here today. And that is really, the hero of the story here today is Grace who was brave enough to step forward. We are good paramedics and we do a great job, but it helps when there are people there doing what needs to be done before we arrive."

Page, 48, left the children's band in 2006 due to poor health and returned for a second stint in 2012. 

In 2006 he revealed he was suffering from orthostatic intolerance, which caused problems with the function of his heart when standing.

"He had been on stage for an hour and you can imagine having been to a concert with my own children, it is an energetic concert," xx said.

"He had been feeling unwell and moved to the side of the stage where he collapsed. At that point he had what we now know to be a coronary occlusion, a blockage of a major blood vessel to the heart which resulted in a cardiac arrest.

Greg Page

"He has had a heart attack which was then led to a cardiac arrest. Minutes save lives and when you're playing -- brain is deficient of supply, for three to five minutes, that is the pivotal period where we need to intervene and do CPR.

"Had the team who were on stage not commenced CPR, had Grace not had the courage to use the defibrillator, then we may have been dealing with a different outcome."


Ms Jones said she was "very relieved" to see Page was smiling in hospital.

"I was quite anxious to find out if he was OK," she said.

"I was quite relieved and really happy because I did everything I could do and I really wanted to know how he was so that was really good."

The Wiggles confirmed they will perform their second scheduled show tonight without page.

Source: 9News https://www.9news.com.au/national/nurse-watching-wiggles-show-saved-yellow-wiggle-greg-pages-life/88f74522-9d89-4031-b666-791176baa526

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