Hundreds of people are still trying to get into Queensland despite the state shutting down its border with NSW.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk is ramping up Queensland's coronavirus crackdown as people continue to ignore the ban on non-essential travel.

From Friday, anyone who does not have a state government permit proving they have a legitimate reason for cross-border travel will be denied entry.

A motorist shows identifcation at a checkpoint on the Gold Coast Highway at Coolangatta on the Queensland/NSW  border , Thursday, March 26, 2020.

Freight trucks are exempt, along with travel for work and medical reasons.

"We are still getting hundreds of people coming across our border," she has told Seven Network, before warning: "No permit, no pass come Friday."

Ms Palaszczuk said all Australians must prepare for a long period living under severe restrictions, including not leaving home unless it's really necessary.

Motorists are stopped at a checkpoint on the Gold Coast Highway at Coolangatta on the Queensland/NSW border border , Thursday, March 26, 2020.

"The minimum I'm hearing is six months. If we flatten that curve, we are not going to reach the peaks until well into the middle of this year," she said.

A charter plane carrying 222 Australians and 28 New Zealanders who were stranded in Nepal is due to land in Brisbane on Thursday.

The group will be forced into 14 days of quarantine under strict measures to stop the importation of new cases of coronavirus.

The ADF are bolstering local police efforts in visiting the homes and residences of Australians who are in mandatory isolation.

Nepal is now in lockdown and governments around the world have been working to get their citizens out amid fears the small country's health system will not cope.

Back home, Queenslanders have been urged to join a "care army" to help older people get through the crisis.

Under the scheme, government officials are matching older people confined to home with volunteers who'll help them with tasks such as food shopping and pharmacy supplies.

"If we can keep our seniors safe, we can prevent them from ending up in hospital or in ICU and potentially save lives," the Queensland premier said.

Queensland now has more than 780 confirmed cases as the virus continues to spread.

Source: 9News