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How to save on internet costs while working from home

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A comparison of different internet providers has revealed which providers are offering the best deals.

For thousands of households across Greater Sydney, an extended lockdown and stay-at-home orders could send home internet costs through the roof.

More than five million people across Greater Sydney are currently working and schooling from home, making reliable and affordable internet a priority.

A Canstar Blue comparison of different internet providers has revealed smaller providers are offering better deals on home internet than some of the major players including Telstra, Foxtel and Optus.

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On an NBN 50 plan, prices can range from $65 per month to $120 - a price difference of $55.

Over the course of one year, that equates to an extra $660 all for the same speed.

Telstra, Foxtel, iPrimus, Optus, Dodo and TPG scored lowest for speed and reliability, bill and cost clarity and overall customer satisfaction.

Meanwhile, the cheapest NBN 50 plans were Flip, SpinTel, MyRepublic and Tangerine.

Australian-owned MATE was the only provider to get a five-star rating for speed, service and price.

Source: 9News

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