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How to protect yourself from coronavirus while shopping

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Infectious disease expert Professor Sanjaya Senanayake the risk of getting COVID-19 while shopping was low.

Supermarkets remain open as Australians stock up on essential supplies during the coronavirus pandemic.

Panic buying and supermarket brawls aside, the risk of catching or spreading COVID-19 while shopping remains the main danger of venturing outside.

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Infectious disease expert Professor Sanjaya Senanayake said the while risk of getting the virus while shopping was low, supermarkets presented their own challenges.

"It is mainly going to come from touching contaminated surfaces rather than having someone sneeze or cough in your face," he told Weekend Today.

"So the first thing is, if you are sick do not go to the shops.

"If you need to get something from the shops, get someone who is well to do it or wait until you are well."

People awaiting their turn to purchase toilet paper, paper towel and pasta at Coles in Epping, Sydney.

Dr Senanayake provided a few tips to protect yourself while shopping.

"Now, if you are in the shops, try and minimise touching of contaminated surfaces," he said.

"So bring your own bags to put things in. Or if you are having to use the basket from the IGA, make sure you use your other hand to collect canned goods or whatever else you are buying.

"And when you go to the counter, empty the basket, don't touch it again, make sure there is hand rub at the counter to use and then pay.

"You could use cash although there is potentially a risk there, very low risk, but use contactless credit card or iPhones.

"If you are using a trolley, I think it is up to the supermarkets or IGAs to make sure after the trolley goes into the bay it is wiped down so when you take it is wiped down so when you take it, it is a clean trolley."

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