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How my three-minute DIY baby wipes save more than $500 a year

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Chemical free and durable: Here’s how you can slash your baby costs in minutes.

Welcome to the new series where our journalists try to save $50 on everyday services and items in 15 minutes. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't – but it proves you don't need to be a financial guru to stretch your dollar further.

My baby poos a lot.

A lot of poo means a lot of cleaning up, and a lot of cleaning up means a lot of wet wipes. According to my back-of-a-coaster calculations, we go through eight to ten nappies a day.

Each change we use around three to four wet wipes depending on how catastrophic little one's butt explosion has been.

Courteous skid marks can be dealt with one while morale-destroying seam leakers need two hands and a portable respirator.

That's a lot of wet wipes, and at $5.50 a packet (containing 80 wipes) we stand to use 24 a day, 168 a week or 8,736 wipes a year.

That's around 110 packets of wipes costing $605 a year.

The solution? Make your own baby wipes at home – and even better, it's a totally idiot-proof solution that's chemical free and manageable even for new dads.


Everything you need to construct the wipes is easily found at your local supermarket.

Most of you will have bits and pieces already at home. We already had the baby bath wash, and the coconut oil, but I've factored both of these into the prices for new families.

1 x Handee Ultra two pack of paper towels ($1.75)

1 x 300ml jar of coconut oil ($5)

1 x 1 litre glass jar with screw top ($3)

1 x soap-free baby bath wash ($5)

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Total cost: $14.75


This is ultra-simple and legitimately takes less than five minutes to construct:


- Cut paper towel rolls in half using a bread knife

- Shove the half-length of paper towel into a waterproof container around 1 litre


- Put the kettle on and boil some water

- In a separate bowl, pour 1 cup of boiling water

- Add a decent tablespoon of coconut oil

- Whisk together


- Wait for the mixture to cool slightly, and then carefully pour the solution over the paper towel in the container

- Once the paper towel is wet, you can easily slide out the cardboard roll inner tube

- With your fingers, pull the inner-most towel upwards as your dispenser!


Let's crunch the numbers. In less than five minutes, I constructed a homemade and chemical free wet wipes container that contains approximately 80 sheets.

Because I cut the paper towels in half, a $1.75 two-pack from Coles will give you an almighty 320 wipes.

All of your other ingredients – the baby wipes, the glass jars, the coconut oil, the baby wash – are ongoing commodities that can theoretically stretch for up to six months.

That $3 glass jar is dishwasher safe and can be used ad infinitum.

That means over a 12-month period, my five-minute DIY wipes will set you back $70.80. Compare that to the $605 spent on commercial baby wipes.

That's a saving of $534.20 a year, provided you top up your ingredients twice a year and reuse the same glass jar.


Did you save $50 in 15 minutes? PASS

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Did you save any money? Yes. If you followed this plan to the letter, you should come out $500 richer after twelve months – that's a whole lot of cash.

How long did it take? From go to whoa, it took me less than 10 minutes

Would you recommend other people try this? Absolutely. We've heard no issues from our 7-week old son and the coconut oil seems to have a slightly moisturising effect

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