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Holocaust survivor gives advice on surviving coronavirus crisis

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Olga Horak is particularly vulnerable to COVID-19 due to her age but has said she won’t let the panic consume her.

A 93-year-old Holocaust survivor has some advice for people struggling to cope with the coronavirus outbreak.

Olga Horak, who lives in Sydney, is particularly vulnerable to COVID-19 due to her age but has said she won't let the panic consume her.

"It won't last forever," she told 9News.

"After rain there is sunshine, and it will be nice again because we live in paradise and we should be able to appreciate it."

Ms Horak was born in Czechoslovakia, grew up during the Great Depression, and was just 14 when the second world war began.

In 1944, she was sent by the Nazis to Auschwitz, and when the war ended, she weighed just 29 kilograms and had lost her entire family.

The great-grandmother volunteers three times a week at the Sydney Jewish Museum, and so she has been tested for coronavirus.

"I went to St Vincent's Hospital and waited three hours and a half hour and eventually I was tested," she said.

Ms Horak still does her own shopping and admitted she has struggled to find what she needs.

"I'm stunned, it reminds me of war, to watch people, how greedy they are, they are so greedy - it's not necessary."

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