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Holiday Inn returned travellers wearing bin liners as PPE

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Adding to the chaos of the Holiday Inn outbreak, residents have arrived at a new quarantine hotel wearing bin liners as makeshift PPE.

The returned travellers undergoing hotel quarantine inside Melbourne's Holiday Inn have arrived at an alternative hotel wearing bin-liners as makeshift Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

9News video showed people at The Pullman hotel fashioning purple bin liners to cover themselves, as they moved to another hotel to isolate today.

Two more cases of coronavirus were detected from the Holiday Inn yesterday, forcing authorities to shut the hotel for "terminal cleaning".

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Returned travellers have been moved to alternative hotels in Melbourne's CBD while cleaning is undertaken.

"That will be done safely," Premier Daniel Andrews said.

Anyone who has spent time in the Holiday Inn for more than 15 minutes between January 27 and February 9 - worker, resident or visitor - will be considered a primary close contact of the outbreak and be required to isolate for 14 days and get tested.

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Returned travellers currently who were in the Holiday Inn will also face an extra three days of hotel quarantine, with some possibly forced to stay for another 14 days.

It is unclear why some of the evacuees were covered in the bin bags or if any PPE was provided by authorities.

All of the travellers being transported were seen wearing masks and some also gloves.

Source: 9News

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