Harry Dunn's parents are demanding a government inquiry into reports the American woman who allegedly killed their son and fled to the US was a CIA agent.

Radd Seiger, the family's spokesperson, told nine.com.au startling new revelations Anne Sacoolas was a spy "explains a lot" about how the American mother-of-three was able to leave the UK and has evaded extradition.

With Mrs Sacoolas' reported CIA links unveiled, Mr Seiger has called into question "the conduct of the UK government" and information that may have been kept from the Dunn family.

Harry Dunn's mother Charlotte Charles arrives at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in Westminster, London, for a meeting with Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, IN January, 2020.

Mr Dunn, 19, was allegedly killed last August by Mrs Sacoolas, who was driving her Volvo SUV on the wrong side of the road after her vehicle exited a Royal Air Force station controlled by the US Air Force.

Mrs Sacoolas smashed into Mr Dunn, who was riding his Kawasaki motorcycle, UK police allege. She then controversially claimed diplomatic immunity and fled the UK.

"The fact that Anne Sacoolas has now been outed as a CIA officer herself explains a lot," Mr Seiger told nine.com.au.

"It's no wonder the USA spirited her away after the crash and the UK government stood by and waved her off without raising any objection that Harry's parents are aware of."

The US last month declined the UK's request to extradite Mrs Sacoolas, who was charged with causing the death by dangerous driving of the British teenager.

Mr Seiger is calling for a public inquiry into the Mrs Sacoolas' alleged CIA background.

He said Harry's parents were upset that the UK foreign secretary, Dominic Raab, never mentioned the suspect's reported links to the spy agency during conversations with the family.

Charlotte Charles with her son Harry Dunn. The 19-year-old Dunn was killed in August when his motorcycle collided with a car allegedly driven by Anne Sacoolas outside a British air force base in southern England used by the US military. Sacoolas left Britain shortly after, although police in the area said she had previously told them she had no plans to depart. Her current whereabouts are uncertain.

"Harry's parents are determined their son has not died in vain," Mr Seiger said.  

"They're determined to shine a spotlight on this little-known but deeply troubling position and have it changed so that no family should ever go through what they have been through."

Citing intelligence officials on both sides of the Atlantic, The Mail on Sunday reported Mrs Sacoolas' past as a CIA operative, with one source saying she was ranked higher than her husband.

The UK and US governments have both insisted that, at the time of the accident, Mrs Sacoolas had diplomatic immunity while her husband was working as technical staffer at the Northamptonshire air base. 

In denying last month's UK extradition order, a State Department spokesperson said granting such an extradition "would render the invocation of diplomatic immunity a practical nullity and would set an extraordinarily troubling precedent."

The UK government at the time responded by saying it was "urgently considering" its options after the US announced its decision.

How was Harry Dunn killed?

The US has declined the UK's request to extradite American citizen Anne Sacoolas, who was charged with causing the death by dangerous driving of Harry Dunn last August.

Since Harry was allegedly killed by Mrs Sacoolas, the Dunn family have begged the 42-year-old mother-of-three to return to the UK.

CCTV footage showed Mrs Sacoolas, who had relocated to the UK only three weeks earlier, driving her SUV down the wrong side of the road.

She allegedly smashed her Volvo XC90 into Harry and his Kawasaki motorbike, killing the teenager.

After initially cooperating with Northamptonshire police, Mrs Sacoolas controversially claimed diplomatic immunity, boarded a US military plane and fled to America.

She had assured police she would remain in the UK.

The Dunn family and their lawyers dispute Mrs Sacoolas ever had a right to claim diplomatic immunity.

Nine.com.au have contacted the US Embassy in London for comment.

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