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‘Grim reaper’ Katter slams government over death of car manufacturing

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Far North Queensland MP Bob Katter has said “government action and inaction” is the reason Australia no longer manufactures Holden vehicles domestically.

Far North Queensland MP Bob Katter has explained why he dressed up as the grim reaper outside of Parliament House in Canberra, criticising Australia's free market leading to the death of the nation's car industry.

Holding on to a scythe and a sign reading "Holden on to Aussie Jobs," the federal politician watched on as a procession of classic Holden cars drove past Parliament House earlier today.

He has since told 9News that he believes "government action and inaction" is the reason Australia no longer manufactures Holden vehicles domestically.

"I can say the same thing about producing air conditioners, producing every household appliance, stoves, fridges, washing machines, everything was produced in Australia 30 years ago," he said.

"Sixty-four per cent of the cars on Australian roads were bought because we made them here in Australia, before we became a parliament driven by ideology.

"Ideology is very, very dangerous. Ideology has led us into wars, its destroyed countries. There's an ideology here that is akin to voodooism.

"That parliament… They're looking after their free market principles which equals of course their big, rich overseas owners of their political parties.

"They say that China has got to a point where it's not even going to worry about buying politicians in Australia, it's bought everything else, but politicians are no longer worth buying, they come easy and cheap in Australia – and it's true."

Katter will soon introduce a motion in the House of Representatives to force the government to support the re-establishment of an Australian car industry after General Motors pulled the pin on Holden.

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He said he believes a rapid solution to the problem would be for the Australian government to enforce all vehicles made under contract to be manufactured domestically.

"In the car industry… 50,000 motor vehicles a year are purchased under government contracts," he said.

"In Queensland the teachers at private schools buy their cars under a government contract. All of those cars, if they have to be made in Australia, instantly creates a motor vehicle industry in Australia.

"Sophisticated manufacturing is back in this country. All you've got to do is say that all cars bought under a government contract will be made here in Australia."

Source: 9News

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