When Parliament resumes at the foreshadowed May sitting, the Greens will move in the Senate to disallow the Government’s regulation shortening the notice required to change enterprise agreements, said Greens Leader and Industrial Relations spokesperson, Adam Bandt.

“The government is using a temporary emergency to make long-term changes to workers’ rights,” said Mr Bandt.

“I am worried about Liberal mission creep.

“The Australian people are prepared to give the government latitude to fight a health emergency, but this doesn’t give them license to take away rights for the long-term.

“Workers will be put under extreme pressure to agree in a day to changes that could last for years.

“There is no evidence this change is needed, especially given the high degree of co-operation witnessed during this crisis.

“People need a fair amount of time to seek advice about significant changes to their rights and the Greens will oppose this corporate power grab.

“Those of us who fought WorkChoices know the Liberals are no friend of workers. But to use the cover of a global pandemic to strip away workers’ rights is a gross new low.”

Source: 16 News http://www.16news.com.au/index.php/2020/04/17/greens-move-to-disallow-governments-attack-on-bargaining-rights/

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