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Grandmother spreads joy with hilarious AFL attempts

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A pint-sized grandma in Melbourne’s north has become a social media sensation after using her time in lockdown to brush up on her footy skills.

A pint-sized grandma in Melbourne's north has become a social media sensation after using her time in lockdown to brush up on her footy skills.

Judy's great-niece Angelena Roan, an AFL multi-cultural diversity ambassador, decided it was time the 79-year-old got serious about her love for the game, training her up in the family's Preston driveway.

"For me it was a normal post because we do this all the time, but for the world it seemed like it was this special moment," Ms Roan said.

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AFL aunt Judy AFL aunt Judy

Judy left Vietnam 18 months ago and has been stuck in Melbourne due to ongoing coronavirus lockdowns.

Like many others trying to find ways to keep busy while stuck at home, Ms Roan and her great-aunt decided to post their family fun on social media, much to viewers' delight.

The video which received a resounding applause was posted online a week ago, showing Aunt Judy's first attempt at kicking a football, as well as a hilarious efforts at bouncing the ball.

Ms Roan said her great-aunt is secretly loving the attention.

"Our family's very much living in this fame, they're really loving it," Ms Roan told 9News.

AFL aunt Judy

"The fact it is putting smiles on people's faces is all she really cares about."

Not content with leaving her sporting efforts at AFL, Judy decided it was also time to have a crack at cricket, belting the ball down the driveway for 9News.

Ms Roan's work with the AFL community aims to encourage people of all backgrounds, ages and sizes to play the sport and she says the example her great-aunt is setting is exactly what her work is about.

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AFL aunt Judy

While Ms Roan and Judy hint this may not be the last time you see the happy lady on social media, her main motive is to spread joy.

"To any little kids out there, go out and play – it doesn't matter if you are a girl or a boy, or don't identify as either, you could be on the big stage one day – don't let anything else stop you," Ms Roan says.

Source: 9News

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