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Fugitive caught after more than 30 hours on the run in Adelaide

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Wanted man Jason Burdon was tracked down in Adelaide’s south by police last night, after more than 30 hours on the run.

Wanted man Jason Burdon was tracked down in Adelaide's south by police last night after more than 30 hours on the run following his escape from a remand centre.

The fugitive allegedly rammed a police car while trying to avoid being taken into custody in Eden Hills and is set to face several charges including multiple traffic offences and escaping lawful custody.

Burdon, 33, was arrested at the scene, South Australia Police said in a statement. He was then taken to hospital for treatment of minor injuries.

Police will allege that they saw a black Toyota RAV4 at around 8pm. It had changed plates, but had allegedly been used in a petrol theft at North Brighton just before 6pm, and the description of the driver was similar to that of the wanted man.

The car was followed by police officers in cars and a helicopter to a property in Eden Hills, where the escapee was confronted when he tried to get away.

Burdon, 33, escaped through the vents of the Adelaide Remand Centre on Tuesday, sparking a massive manhunt.

Police yesterday raided multiple properties, including one raid in Croydon Park involving STAR officers.

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Police Commissioner Grant Stevens had said authorities were doing everything they could to track him and bring him in.

Burdon fled through the prison's kitchen area about 10.20am on Tuesday.

Video shows Burdon emerge from an air vent high on the side of the centre, then lower himself onto the footpath with the aid of a string of clothes tied together.

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Burdon was being held in the centre for firearm offences and breach of bail.

Investigators had said they did not believe Burdon posed a threat to the community while on the run, describing his initial offending as "lower end".

Jason Burdon

Source: 9News

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