Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has delivered the federal budget, beginning his speech by noting that the figures had been checked and were correct, give or take $60 billion.

“Mr Speaker, we’ve done a lot of number crunching over the past few weeks to make sure everything is in order and I am pleased to say Mr Speaker that, with a small rounding error here and there, these figures are absolutely accurate”.

Mr Frydenberg announced an additional $10 billion in infrastructure spending over the next financial year, with the caveat that it could be $70 billion or negative $50 billion. The government has also set aside between -$58 billion and $62 billion for aged care packages, and a further -$47.5 to $72.5 billion in tax cuts.

The speech lasted for approximately 60 minutes. Or two hours. Or didn’t happen at all.

Source: The Shovel