March 6, 2021

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Family of Uber driver allegedly murdered by passenger searching for answers

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<p>Relatives desperate for answers after navy veteran was 'tortured' by one of his passengers.</p>

The family of an Uber driver from Texas in the US is searching for answers after he was allegedly killed by one of his passengers.

Dallas police say 21-year-old Joshua Scott stabbed, choked and ran over Joshua Miller multiple times.

"I normally can handle a lot, but knowing it's your own family member that was tortured that way, it's a whole other level," said Wendy Walker, Mr Miller's cousin.

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Joshua Miller's family are searching for answers after he was killed by one of his passengers.

She says the 33-year-old was known to bust out his ukulele and start singing at a moment's notice.

He would even make up songs for his Uber passengers.

"If it was their birthday, he got out his ukulele he carried with him in his car and sang them a birthday song," Ms Walker said.

Mr Miller had been a driver with Uber since 2015, and his family says he loved his job.

"He loved getting to meet new people," said Ms Walker. "He loved helping people."

On Friday, January 8, one of his rides took a deadly turn.

According to the Dallas Police Department, Mr Miller picked up Mr Scott at the Amazon Fulfillment Center where Mr Scott worked.

Less than a mile down the road, Mr Scott pulled out a gun, made Mr Miller pull over, and demanded his phone. Police say Mr Scott then proceeded to stab, choke, beat and ultimately run Mr Miller over multiple times with his car.

Investigators say the entire attack was recorded on dashcam video, which led to Mr Scott's arrest.

"It's good to know he is not on the streets and cannot do this to anyone else, but there's so many questions on why," Mr Walker said. "Why did you do this?"

Mr Miller's family is now left to figure out how to lay the Navy veteran to rest.

"When he walked in the room, you knew it was going to be a good day," Ms Walker said. "You knew there was going to be laughter. There was going to be good times. There was going to be a lot of memories made, and I just wish I had time to make more."

Mr Walker's only comfort right now is Mr Miller's own words in a video he sent on her birthday.

"So don't waste time and regret the past, and live life for today," he sang. "Nobody gets shown the way."

Source: 9News

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