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Extinction Rebellion Tasmania Disrupts Fuel Supply

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The activist group demand alternatives to petrol, diesel and LPG cars in the form of electric vehicles, public transport and cycling pathways.

An action by Extinction Rebellion Tasmania (XR Tas) disrupted the liquid fuel depot in Hobart at Self’s Point this morning.

The surprise action involved XR Tas blockading the road to stop petrol tankers from delivering fossil fuels to petrol stations around the city.

‘Oily characters’ engaged in non-violent disruption as they refused to let the tankers through, with three persons chained to concrete blocks on the road.

The blockade lasted approximately 2 hours, with 9 tankers prevented from passing. Eventually the group were moved on by police and no arrests were made.

The group says the action is part of the ‘XR Nationwide Blockade’ targeting liquid fuel terminals around the country. This seeks to draw attention to our dependence on fossil fuels for transport.

XR Tas noted that in any Australians that in Tasmania it is often cheaper to drive than to catch public transport hence many people have no choice other than to drive cars that require petrol, diesel or LPG.

XR Tas spokesperson Joe Collings Hall said: “Electric vehicles are a more sustainable mode of transport for the more affluent among us. But we need alternatives for us all: electric buses, safe cyclepath networks and shared electric vehicles are the future. We need the government to lead the way in transitioning us onto a sustainable path.”

“The Australian taxpayer is subsidising the fossil fuel industry with a staggering $10.3 billion in 2020/21. This is more than we spend on the Army. Every minute of every day we give away $19,686 to coal, oil and gas companies and major users of fossil fuels. This has to stop, and it has to stop now.”

An ‘oily sister’.

The group also says that with only 2 refineries left in Australia and most of our fuel being imported is another reason to move to sustainable transport powered by electricity that can be produced in Australia.

“The transitioning to a net zero emission economy needs to happen fast,” said the spokesperson. “Fossil fuel subsidies are perverse and undermining the health of our children, ecosystems and the planet we all depend on.”

The XR movement is calling on state and federal governments to respect scientific evidence and cease subsidising fossil fuels (including gas); invest in alternative and affordable transport options for all; electrify public transport and build a safe bicycle network.

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They say that governments have a duty of care to future generations.

“(We and) many fellow activists, young and old, feel it as their moral obligation to speak out, disrupt and demand climate action now,” said the spokesperson.

Graphics sourced from Extinction Rebellion Tasmania Facebook page.

Source: Tasmanian Times

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