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Elderly man pulls gun on paramedics

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A “combative” elderly man pulled a gun on a paramedic coming to his aid as he lay in bed in Melbourne’s west.

A "combative" elderly man pulled a gun on a paramedic coming to his aid as he lay in bed in Melbourne's west.

The 82-year-old was believed to be having a neurological episode when two paramedics went to his home yesterday.

As the paramedics prepared to transport him out of the house and get the stretcher ready, he turned on them.

"He has become a bit combative and has reached back behind his pillow in his bed and produced a revolver and pointed it one of the paramedics," Victorian Ambulance Union general secretary Danny Hill told 3AW today.

"Luckily, the (male) paramedic was able to disarm the patient - he's leapt onto the patient and then he could disarm him."

The male paramedic and his female colleague enacted the duress function on their radios, calling police.

The male paramedic is understood to have told Mr Hill there were no warning signs.

Mr Hill said it was lucky no one was harmed in the "terrifying" incident, proving how dangerous the job can be.

"Our members work in an uncontrolled environment ... you go in and just don't know what people have in their homes, their bedrooms, knives and swords and all sorts of things," Mr Hill said.

"An 82-year-old man lying in his bed is probably not one you'd expect to produce such a dangerous weapon."

Source: 9News

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