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Dramatic moment hatchet-wielding brothers shot by police

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Joel Clavell can be heard goading police to shoot him before charging at them with a hatchet in the footage aired in a Victorian court today.

One of two brothers shot by police at a Victorian campground threatened to behead officers and said he wanted to become a martyr.

Footage played to a Melbourne court shows 19-year-old Joel Clavell being shot while charging at police with an axe on June 12 last year.

His older brother, Joshua Clavell, was also shot after ramming a police car and running at officers with a knife at the Barnawartha North campground

Joel Clavell called police "dogs" and "mutts", said he wanted them to drop their guns so he could chop their heads off and become a martyr.

"You're in an outback area. This is not how you're going to be a martyr mate," one officer told him in body-worn camera footage released by the County Court of Victoria on Thursday.

"Your brother's already down.

"We don't want to shoot."

The men had been at the Barnawartha North camp for the holy Muslim month of Ramadan, Joel Clavell's lawyer Mel Walker said.

Joshua Clavell, 31, was wanted on a warrant for breaching a community correction order. Police spotted the brothers in a car at a nearby Barnawartha North service station and followed it.

Counter-terror officers were involved in the stand-off, but there was no evidence it was motivated by religious ideology.

"It doesn't need to be extremist in a terrorism sense for me to be concerned about retribution to police … animosity towards police," Judge Martine Marich said of the younger brother.

Joel Clavell distrusted police after his father, Rodney Clavell, shot himself during a 12-hour siege at an Adelaide brothel in 2014.

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The now-20-year-old admitted this contributed to the campground confrontation.

He has pleaded guilty to four counts of assaulting an emergency worker on duty and three of making threats to kill.

"But for him being with his brother … he wouldn't have come across police in this context," his lawyer Mel Walker said.

He hit his head hard when Joshua Clavell rammed the police car, and later said he didn't remember saying he wanted to be a martyr or threatening to behead officers.

"But for the tourniquet being put on his leg, he was dead," Ms Walker said.

She asked he be sentenced to time already served in custody and then placed on a community correction order.

Judge Marich said the seriousness of his crimes weighed against this.

Joshua Clavell has admitted to exposing an emergency worker to risk by driving and assaulting an emergency worker on duty.

He told police he didn't know they had been looking for him that day.

He said he rammed the unmarked car because he didn't know it was a police vehicle, and didn't realise the plain clothes member pointing the gun at him was a police officer.

He will undergo a psychiatric assessment before the brothers return to court on June 15.

Source: 9News

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