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Doctor who bombarded Tinder lover with 6000 texts jailed

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Darlinghurst radiologist Denise Jane Lee pleaded guilty to four harassment-related charges after a man she met on Tinder in 2015 broke up with her.

A scorned Sydney doctor has been jailed for nine months after she bombarded a former lover with 6000 text messages and then ran a hate campaign against his new girlfriend.

Darlinghurst radiologist Denise Jane Lee pleaded guilty to four harassment-related charges after a man she met on Tinder in 2015 broke up with her after a handful of dates, enraging Lee and sparking a torrent of abuse and threats.

Her sustained vitriol against the Melbourne woman Matthew Holberton later dated was among the most serious harassment offences of its type, Sydney magistrate Michael Barko said today.

Denise Jane Lee pleaded guilty to four harassment-related charges.

Mr Barko expressed sympathy for the new girlfriend - "a completely innocent player in all this whose life was turned around by not only what she received directly but by third parties informing her about communications they'd received".

While the emails stopped as soon as Lee was arrested in February 2017, the doctor fought the case until October 2019, when negotiations led to six of 10 charges being dropped.

"The inference I draw is she entered those pleas with gritted teeth," the Downing Centre Local Court magistrate today.

"(Going by further material presented) after guilty pleas were entered, she has not and cannot let go."

In Lee's messages to Mr Holberton, she said she was "going to f--- your life up", "I won't be letting you get away with what you did to me" and promised "whatever you value most, I will target".

"When you treat people so heartlessly, expect the same in return," she warned, the court heard.

Matthew Holberton, whom she dated briefly and then abused his new partner.

"You had sex with me when you didn't have feelings for me, that's using me."

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Lee later aimed her campaign of hate towards Mr Holberton's new girlfriend, creating dozens of email addresses and sending more than 100 emails with highly personal comments to the victim's mother, colleagues, a member of Mr Holberton's cycling club, and others.

"Heav'n has no rage, like love to hatred turn'd; nor hell a fury, like a woman scorn'd," Mr Barko said, quoting 1697 English play The Morning Bride.

The messages towards the new girlfriend targeted her "hagged face", her genitalia, her lifestyle and her family, Mr Barko said.

"At the very least, it's defamatory," he said.

"At its highest, it's vile, despicable and offensive."

Mr Barko - sitting next to eight overflowing boxes of evidence - expressed surprise the case ran so long given the strength of the prosecution case.

For the offending against the new girlfriend, he jailed Lee for nine months.

Lee was given a good-behaviour bond and ordered to do 600 hours of community service for the abuse directed towards Mr Holberton and the girlfriend's mother.

Mr Barko said one of the ironies was Lee at one stage telling Mr Holberton she was not a bunny boiler - slang for a spurned woman acting vengefully against her lover.

Lee, who graduated exclusive Sydney Girls High School with a perfect tertiary entrance score, is suspended from practising medicine.

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