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Discoloured water in Adelaide’s western suburbs

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Residents in Adelaide’s western suburbs have turned on taps to find extremely discoloured water pouring out which authorities say could be caused by an outage.

Authorities are investigating alarmingly discoloured tap water in Adelaide's western suburbs.

The most affected residents were in the Torrensville area.

Local MP Tom Koutsantonis took to social media to seek answers as to why the water had turned orange after a constituent brought it to his attention.

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South Australia Water said the issue could be caused by an outage, but was perfectly safe.

"Customers on Wilton Terrace in Torrensville are assured their tap water remains safe to drink, with investigations by our network technicians today having confirmed there are no faults within the local water network, and water coming from the local network continues to run clear," an SA Water spokesperson said in a statement.

"Water discolouration can be caused by corrosion in cast iron pipes within the internal plumbing of some older homes and a licensed plumber can help locate and rectify the problem."

The resident who reported the tainted water has been in touch with authorities.

"We have previously assisted the SA Water customer on Wilton Terrace in Torrensville who experienced discoloured water by replacing parts of the connection at their property and flushing water through their services, to ensure supply to their property is clear," the SA Water statement read.

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"In other instances, existing sediment in the pipes may be stirred up by changes in water movement following the completion of major works, resulting in temporarily discoloured tap water and when this happens running an outside tap for a minute or two will clear the water."

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If anyone is still experiencing issues, they should contact the Customer Care Centre on 1300 SA WATER.

Source: 9News

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