April 17, 2021

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‘Die’: $3m home of man arrested over deadly police crash vandalised

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<p>The home of Richard Pusey, the Porsche driver at the centre of the Melbourne Eastern Freeway police crash, has been vandalized. </p>

The home of Richard Pusey, the Porsche driver at the centre of the Melbourne Eastern Freeway police crash, has been vandalized.

His wife complained officers took too long to respond to the vandalism, with her husband now moved into protective custody.

The garage door of Mr Pusey's $3 million Fitzroy apartment was defaced and damaged in the early hours of this morning - with the word 'die' spray painted.

A bang woke Mr Pusey's wife Anne, who called police. Officers were there within 20 minutes and continued to patrol her street today.

Mr Pusey has been moved into protective custody at Melbourne Assessment Prison, after a court heard he filmed a dying policewoman's final moments.

Three days on from the crash, investigators still haven't been able to formally interview truck driver Mohinder Singh Bajwa.

He remains in hospital, and police will probe whether he was under the influence of drugs.

Kevin King, Joshua Prestney, Lynette Taylor and Glen Humphris were all killed in the line of duty.

Mr Pusey, 41, was pulled over for allegedly speeding at 140km/h and police say he tested positive to ice and cannabis on the Eastern Freeway on Wednesday.

He was urinating on the side of the road, when a truck driver smashed into four officers impounding his Porsche 911.

One of them, Leading Senior Constable Lynette Taylor, could be heard calling for help before Mr Pusey began filming the crash.

He allegedly walked up to her and said: "There you go. Amazing, absolutely amazing".

"All I wanted was to go home and have my sushi and now you've f----- my f------ car," Mr Pusey allegedly said as Senior Constable Lynette Taylor continued to groan for help, the Melbourne Magistrates Court was told.

The officer and three of her colleagues, Senior Constable Kevin King and Constables Glen Humphris and Josh Prestney, died at the scene, with Mr Pusey allegedly running away.

Meanwhile Andrew Prestney honored his son Josh, 28, who was killed months after graduating from the police academy.

"My family is broken right now. A pain that just won't go away. I have lost my boy, my best mate. We will find a way to go on," he wrote in a statement.

"I urge everyone to not focus on the negativity that surrounds this.

"Take positives out of it. Be assured that the men and women in blue will always be there for you."

Source: 9News https://www.9news.com.au/national/melbourne-police-crash-eastern-freeway-porsche-driver-richard-pusey-home-vandalised/818c433b-653b-4bf5-b18e-9fa4fc00813c

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