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Dan Andrews should never have employed private security guards for Sydney’s quarantine hotels

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“As the Premier of Victoria, Daniel Andrews must take responsibility”

Today we learnt that a security guard at a quarantine hotel in a Circular Quay tested positive for COVID-19. As the Premier of Victoria, Daniel Andrews must take responsibility.

How far this latest outbreak will spread, only time will tell. But what we can say with certainty is that, once again, Daniel Andrews has failed in his responsibilities to eradicate this virus.

In choosing to outsource the state’s quarantine security to a private firm, he has outsourced his responsibility to the people of New South Wales.

Has he learnt nothing from the Melbourne quarantine outbreak which was also caused by a private security guard until we found out it wasn’t?

Once again Andrews has taken short cuts – looking for quick solutions, rather than listening to experts. What a shambles.

Let’s call this for what it is. Another failure from a man who clearly isn’t putting New South Wales first.

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Source: The Shovel

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