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‘I just kept stabbing’: Dad’s confession to daughter’s murder

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The South Australia Supreme Court has heard how a father who stabbed his daughter to death armed himself with the knife to intimidate her in an argument over her drug use.

Nine News has obtained a video recording of a chilling confession of an Adelaide father who brutally murdered his own daughter in a fit of rage.

In the police interview released by the judge, Petrit Lekaj describes stabbing and strangling his daughter Sabrina while also revealing his deep regrets.

It was recorded in secure mental health facility James Nash house, where he was held in the weeks and months after his daughter's slaying.

Detectives had come there to interview him about the crime that destroyed his family and shocked the state.

After being read his rights, Lekaj openly admits to stabbing his daughter eight times.

"I started to do the first one, I was sitting in the first (driver's) seat," he said.

"And then I go to the back of the car ... and did the rest.

"I just kept stabbing ... she was kicking, kicking the door and the window.

"After she couldn't move, I stab myself, why did I stab her, why did I do that."

The attack happening in her car near their Kidman Park home in July last year.

A court heard Lekaj armed himself with a knife and then took his daughter for a drive to discuss her partying and his concerns she was taking drugs.

"(The argument) was all about how I'd (done) everything for her, tried to do everything for her, how can you do this ... go and behave like that and throw everything away," he told police.

"My intention, my intention was to scare her.

"Something got into me, I don't know I can't explain something bad.

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"I never meant to, just tried to scare her."

In the video, released to 9News late today, his remorse was clear.

"It's unspeakable to think what I did, I did it … I wish I wasn't here," he added.

The 49-year-old remains in Police custody and will be sentenced to life in prison, but he'll learn next Tuesday when he'll be eligible for parole.

Source: 9News

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