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Vandalism in broad daylight, Arve Road Geeveston

26 April 2021: From a Huon Valley Facebook group

“This is not a political post. This is about vandalism in broad daylight.

Apparently someone with the emotional maturity of a four year old and the intelligence of a potato, decided to drive up on their motorbike, trespass onto someone’s property and destroy these signs on Arve Road in Geeveston.

This was around 2.30pm this afternoon. My guess is someone reading this post knows who this person is.”




30 April 2021: From another Huon Valley Facebook group

“A friend has signs for the Greens and Labor on her property on Arve Road. The Greens signs have been vandalised every day, but today there is this.

I don’t support the Greens, but this sort of behaviour, these thuggish attempts to shut down freedom of speech, have me planning to offer the use of my land to them for signage in the next election.

This makes me think about how hard can it be to have open, adult, community discussions about the environment, about forestry and salmon farming, and who is making it hard to have those discussions,

When I go to cast my vote tomorrow, I will think about who the people who did this vandalism are voting for and why.”

Source: Tasmanian Times

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