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Coronavirus cases hit record highs across the United States

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As coronavirus cases have been brought under control in most countries around the world, it appears the United States is on the verge of a second spike.

As coronavirus cases have been brought under control in most countries around the world, it appears the United States is on the verge of a second spike.

Infections have been ticking up across the US, reporting 24,000 new cases today, 3000 more than Thursday last week.

But it is not a second wave, according to the government's top infectious diseases specialist Anthony Fauci.

"People keep talking about a second wave," Dr Fauci told the Wall Street Journal.

"We're still in a first wave."

A pro-'law and order' rally held in Miami, Florida, in response to Black Lives Matter protests.

Unlike most countries, there has not been a meaningful decline in American coronavirus cases at any point.

But the reasonably flat numbers are skewed by what is happening state-by-state.

In some states, COVID-19 diagnoses are on a clear and encouraging decline – most notably in former hotspots New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Michigan.

But other states are seeing record high spikes in new cases, most notably in Texas, Florida, South Carolina and Oregon.

California, Nevada, Arkansas and Arizona are also seeing record high numbers of infections.

Coronavirus cases are hitting record highs in California, where restaurants are reopening.

The places seeing the biggest rise in cases appear to be suburban counties around Austin, Houston, Portland and Orlando.

A lifting of lockdown rules seems to have played the largest role in the resurgence of the disease.

Across much of America, bars and restaurants are packed with people.

New infections in Texas has doubled this week, as residents flock to cinemas, gyms, restaurants, bars and rodeos.

Cases in Nevada started climbing soon after the governor lifted lockdowns on casinos and churches earlier this month.

Coronavirus cases are on a clear decline in New Jersey, where churches are open but social distancing enforced.

In West Virginia, 33 cases have been linked to a single church in the small town of Ronceverte.

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"We greatly encouraged anyone who was feeling ill to remain home. Attending church was on a voluntary basis," Graystone Church said in a Facebook post.

"We greatly encouraged those to wear masks and gloves if they felt more comfortable."

And on Saturday, 20,000 people are going to pack into an indoor stadium in Tulsa, Oklahoma, for Donald Trump's first rally since March.

Oklahoma is seeing one of the largest spikes in cases nationwide, and nowhere in the state as seeing as many infections as Tulsa.

There is little evidence to suggest that recent Black Lives Matter protests have led to a rise in cases.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

In cities where such demonstrations brought thousands onto the streets – Minneapolis, New York, Washington, Detroit and Chicago – coronavirus infections are down substantially.

Roughly one out of every 150 Americans have been confirmed to have coronavirus.

Of those, 117,000 people have died of the disease.

Mr Trump said America had so many confirmed cases because so many tests were being conducted.

"If we stop testing right now, we'd have very few cases, if any," he said earlier this week.

Donald Trump will have his first political rally in months next week.

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