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Coronavirus: All children back in classrooms as part of stage-one

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All children will be back in schools across the country as part of step-one of the National Government’s plan to ease Coronavirus restrictions.

All children will be back in schools across the country as part of step-one of the National Government's plan to ease Coronavirus restrictions.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison addressed the media this afternoon following National Cabinet to announce the three-stage plan.

"Step one will enable greater connection with friends and family … it will see children back in classrooms and in playgrounds in their communities," Mr Morrison said.

"In this plan, we walk before we run."

Chief Medical Officer Professor Brendan Murphy said step one is a "cautious" approach to "uncharted territories".

"We don't want to lose the control, we want to make sure that outbreaks that occur are managed are controlled," Prof. Murphy said.

The Prime Minister emphasised that the timelines for the three-step process will be made on a state-by-state basis.

"Chief ministers have asked me to stress that there should be no expectation of step one starting on day one, unless they are already there," Mr Morrison said.

"The Premiers will announce their own start date - I expect we can see some of them start to make comments later today and I expect them to make further comments over the days ahead, the weekend and next week."

According to stage one, child-care centers and primary schools and high schools will welcome children back according to state and territory plans.

Universities, TAFE and technical colleges are to increase face-to-face classes, with a focus on skills-based learning.

 The prime minister has urged schools across Australia to open.

Mr Morrison said the "vast majority of territories and states" are heading towards putting children back in classrooms.

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"That is the best place for them (children) to get an education," he said.

"I think it is important that we all hold our nerve. That is why I was saying before that these are cautious first steps but important first step.

"You can stay under the doona for ever and you will never face any danger, but you have got to get out from under the doona at some time. If not now, then when?"

The Prime Minister emphasised the National Cabinet's three-step process has put Australia in a position to go forward.

"If we wish to reclaim the ground we have lost, we cannot be timid. There will be setbacks, there will be risks.

"We cannot allow our fear of going backwards from going forwards."

National Cabinet, in agreement with Premiers and Chief Ministers, aims for the country to have moved through all three-stages by July this year.

Source: 9News

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