April 21, 2021

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Complaint over ‘derogatory comments about women’ by private school students

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<p>A complaint has been made after students from an elite Melbourne private school were overheard 'making derogatory comments about women' yesterday.</p>

Students from one of Melbourne's most elite private schools have been overheard making "derogatory comments about women" on the same day thousands marched for women's rights.

The Wesley College students' behaviour was reported to the school by a member of the public yesterday.

School principal Nick Evans described their actions as "disrespectful" before decrying misogyny and sexism in a statement.

"I understand that these students made derogatory comments about women which was highly offensive and caused extreme discomfort.

"This behaviour is unacceptable. I am deeply disappointed to have Wesley students behave in such a manner.

Mr Evans said he felt "fury" and "shame" as a result of the news.

The incident is believed to have happened on a bus, on the same day thousands rallied in support of women and to protest against gendered violence during March 4 Justice yesterday.

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The Wesley principal said the school had recently conducted an audit of programs dealing with consent and respectful relationships.

"The curriculum includes sexual intimacy, pornography, acceptable and unacceptable behaviour, and sexual risks and consequences, consent and the law, and gender-based violence," the statement reads.

"I also indicated last week that we would be examining how effective these programs are. We have begun a series of conversations with students regarding their effectiveness. It was clear last week, and it is even clearer now, that we have work to do."

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Mr Evans said it was a "painful moment for those members of the public on the bus who had to endure it".

March 4 Justice saw tens of thousands of people march across the country to take a stand against gendered violence.

In Melbourne protesters unfurled a list names spanning several metres of almost 900 women who have been killed by male violence since 2008.

Source: 9News https://www.9news.com.au/national/melbourne-private-school-students-made-sexist-comments-on-march-4-justice-day/5fe25096-1070-4044-8fc3-e6bf85e26e68

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