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City records wettest month in decades as icy conditions continue

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Icy winds will continue across several states and territories this week as the Top End experiences its wettest September month in decades.

A number of states and territories will continue to see icy winds this week as a trough extends from northern Western Australia and the Top End to western South Australia, triggering showers and storms.

The Top End is experiencing the wettest September month in decades with total rainfall in some places more than five times the long-term average.

Although there are still a few days left this month, Darwin has already registered its wettest September since 1981.

The monthly total (87mm) to 9am yesterday was coming close to the record (130mm). The northernmost capital city of Australia also had its wettest September day (50mm) last Sunday, September 20, in almost 4 decades (54mm).

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It is worth mentioning that, on average, the beginning of the wet season occurs by late October or early November over this region, spreading further south and inland over following weeks. This early onset is consistent with a La Niña pattern, which is most likely to further develop over the coming months.

Brisk southwesterly winds in the wake of a cold front are bringing a few showers to Tasmania.

Mostly clear elsewhere under high pressure, leading to a cold night in the southeast.

Here's the weather across Australia on Monday, September 28, 2020.



Mostly sunny, cool-to-cold in the east. Frost then sunny, cool-to-cold in the southwest. Sunny, cool-to-mild in the northwest.

Sydney will be mostly sunny, with a low of 9C and top of 20C.

Canberra has early frost, with a low below zero, then becoming sunny with a top of 17C.

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Mostly sunny, cool-to-cold in the south. Late showers, cool-to-cold in the northwest. Fog then sunny, cool-to-cold in the northeast.

Melbourne has increasing sunshine today, with a low of 5C and top of 15C.

There's a frost warning for Mallee, Wimmera, Northern Country, North Central, North East, South West, Central, West and South Gippsland and East Gippsland.

South Australia

Mostly cloudy, cool in the southeast. Showers easing, cool-to-mild in central. Late shower, very warm in the west. Isolated showers, mild-to-warm in north.

Adelaide will be mostly sunny, with a low of 11C and top of 22C.

There's a strong wind warning for the Lower West Coast and South Central Coast.


Clearing shower, cold in the southwest. Windy on the highlands. Mostly sunny, cool in the southeast. Mostly sunny, cool-to-cold in the north.

Hobart will be mostly sunny, with a low of 7C and top of 16C.

There's a strong wind warning for the Lower East Coast, South East Coast and South West Coast.


Mostly sunny, cool-to-mild in the east. Sunny, warm in the west.

Brisbane will be mostly sunny, with a low of 13C and top of 24C.

There's a strong wind warning for Peninsula Coast and Cooktown Coast.

Western Australia

Showers, cool-to-mild in the southwest. Clearing showers, cool-to-mild in the south. Sunny, warm in the northwest. Showers increasing, very warm in the northeast.

Perth has showers today, with a low of 12C and top of 20C.

There's a strong wind warning for the Pilbara Coast East, Pilbara Coast West and Ningaloo Coast.

Northern Territory

Mostly cloudy, very warm in the NW Top End. Mostly sunny, mild-to-warm in Arnhem. Mostly sunny, warm-to-very warm over the interior and south.

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Darwin will be sunny, with temperatures between 25C and 34C.

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