Chance The Rapper celebrated Lizzo’s inspirational journey to stardom with an old video of the “Cuz I Love You” singer showing off her journalistic skills. 

On Thursday, the Chicago rapper shared a video of himself and Lizzo on Instagram, noting that the singer was interviewing him for a local Minneapolis music publication called Greenroom Magazine in 2012.

The exchange took place before Chance The Rapper released his second mixtape, “Acid Rap,” and years before Lizzo’s 2017 hit song “Truth Hurts” reached the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100. 

“I remember it like it was yesterday and it was EIGHT years ago,” Chance The Rapper wrote in the caption of the video, adding that he’s “watched Lizzo work her ass off to become the biggest act in the world.”

Lizzo has opened up about her journey on numerous occasions.

Last month, the singer/rapper, who formed her first rap group at age 14, tweeted that she lived in her car in 2009 and cried herself to sleep on Thanksgiving Day that year. 

“Anything can happen in a decade,” she wrote.

Lizzo won three Grammys at the award show last month. She racked up the most 2020 Grammy nominations of any artist. In December, Time magazine named her 2019′s Entertainer of the Year

“I am immensely proud of her and so inspired by her journey,” Chance The Rapper later added in his post on Thursday. “Life is crazy.”

Source: Huffington Post Australia Athena2