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Carpet python found hiding in Qld family verandah

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A 1.5 metre carpet python has become the source of online delight after hiding under an outdoor chair in Queensland.

A 1.5 metre carpet python has been found living on a Queensland family's verandah, tucked away under an outside couch.

The Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers were called in to capture the snake, which inadvertently became the focus of a viral "spot the snake" competition on the business' Facebook page.

Barely visible behind the blue couch's rear right leg, the cleverly-camouflaged python managed to stump hundreds of online followers attempting to guess its location.

"I can see 14 snakes. I would be rubbish at living in Australia," offered one follower.

"There are snakes everywhere! Be afraid, be very afraid!" unhelpfully offered another.

The Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers eventually gave up the snake's position, saying despite its ability to hide the snake was almost five foot long.

"I think I made that too easy," wrote one of the catchers.

"Carpet Python head at the base of the couch! Well done to those who got it!"

The carpet python (Morelia spilota) is a common snake species found in Queensland.

Active both during daylight and at night, the bite of a carpet python is non-venomous, but the Qld government recommends receiving tetanus protection if a bite occurs.

Each summer breeding carpet pythons will lay anywhere between 10 and 47 eggs, typically in a sheltered site where the female can shiver over the eggs to generate heat.

Pythons traditionally feed on frogs, lizards, birds and small mammals.

Occasionally cane toads are consumed by the snakes, often leading to fatal complications as a result of the toad's poisonous glands.

Source: 9News

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