Greyhound Racing Victoria is isolating all greyhounds arriving in the state after an outbreak of coronavirus was detected on a property with greyhounds.

GRV said canine coronavirus is not transferable to humans and is not fatal in dogs, however they are committed to protecting the health and welfare of the dogs impacted and those at risk of infection.

A Geelong greyhound property has reportedly been temporarily shutdown following an outbreak.

An outbreak of canine coronavirus in Vitcoria has prompted authorities to implement isolation measures.

"Although the virus is currently isolated to one property only, we have taken these steps to ensure the welfare of the dogs as well as the maintenance of the racing fields," GRV chief executive Alan Clayton.

In order to prevent the spread of the virus, GRV has ordered any greyhound with signs of the disease to be isolated. Any greyhound that has been in contact with affected greyhounds will be prevented from attending face meetings for a period of 14 days.

GRV Investigators are also inspecting any properties that are linked to race meeting where the infected gods raced during the week.

The Greyhound Racing NSW board has stepped down amid fallout of the live-baiting scandal. (AAP)

Mr Clayton said each greyhound participant will also be contacted to assess the general health of their greyhounds and ensure they do not bring any effected dogs into contact with dogs who have not yet been affected by the virus.

"We are taking every step we believe possible to stop the spreading of the virus and we are grateful to the participants for assisting us with this process," Mr Clayton said.

Canine coronavirus has been an active illness in all dogs - domestic and working - for some time in Australia. There was a similar outbreak in greyhounds in other states since this year.

The virus causes dogs to have cold, vomiting and at time, diarrhoea.

There are 29 confirmed coronavirus cases in Australia as of 2nd March 2020. Graphic

Source: 9News