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Call of Duty to gobble up 37 per cent of Xbox SSD

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Storage is going to be a big problem for the next generation consoles with games getting bigger and bigger.

Gamers chasing headshots on next-generation systems will pay the price in storage.

Call of Duty: Cold War will gobble up 133GB on PlayStation 5 and 136GB on Xbox Series X/S.

Useable SSD space is at a contentious premium on both next-gen systems, with upgrades to expand to cost hundreds of dollars.

Call of Duty: Cold War

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Xbox Series X comes with a 1TB SSD but only 802GB is free for games thanks to the operating system.

The outlook is dire on the Xbox Series S which reportedly has just 364GB of free space on its 512GB SSD.

Installing Call of Duty: Cold War would take up more than a third of that space.

Activision has even warned that "further space" may be needed for future updates.  

Xbox is selling 1TB expansion cards for a whopping $359 in Australia; roughly 70 per cent of the Xbox Series S's $499 price tag.    

Xbox Series S

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PlayStation has not confirmed how much of its 825GB SSD will be free to install games.

667GB is the reportedly useable figure according to Gamesrader, which a 133GB Call of Duty: Cold War would gobble up 20 per cent (19.9 per cent).

Not every next-generation game will be as storage hungry as Call of Duty, but it does beg the question: how many games will each of these systems be able to store at once?

Quick resume – which allows you to jump between games almost instantly – on the Xbox Series is hardly as valuable if you can only have three games on the system.

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Xbox SSD

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Those sticking with their current generation consoles for 2020 will be happy to know the Call of Duty's download is just 95GB on PS4 and 93GB on Xbox One.

Players who pre-ordered the game for the PS4 or Xbox One will be able to pre-load the game on November 6 to avoid long waits on launch day.

Those on next-gen systems will get the same option on their respective launch days.

Call of Duty: Cold War will release on PlayStation, Xbox and PC on November 13.

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