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Brisbane residents hit with dumping fines after trying to donate to charity

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A Queensland pensioner and a dad have been hit with thousands of dollars worth of dumping fines after trying to donate to a local St Vincent de Paul shop.

A Queensland pensioner and a father have been hit with thousands of dollars worth of dumping fines after trying to donate to a local St Vincent de Paul shop.

Mailene Faisal was hit with a $2000 fine for leaving furniture outside a store in Brisbane.

"I'm donating stuff to help people, and then I get a fine," Ms Faisal said.

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"I thought it was a hoax … I thought someone was trying to get money out of me."

Brisbane father Bradley Haynes was hit with a similar fine after leaving a near-new filing cabinet outside a Vinnies store soon after it had closed.

"I thought it was all good, I had done the good deed, and I went home," Mr Haynes said.

"Two months later I received a letter in the mail saying we had been dumping and they had a video of it."

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According to Brisbane City Council, anything left on the footpath or outside a charity after hours is considered illegal dumping, which carries a maximum penalty of $10,000.

The council told 9News in a statement that the city spends $800,000 a year cleaning up illegal dumping, and there is no excuse to leave behind goods outside of opening hours.

The St Vincent de Paul website urges those wishing to contribute to the cause to only do so when the stores are open.

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"You can drop off your wonderful donations of good quality clothes and household items to your local Vinnies shop during business hours," the website reads.

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"You can also place donations into the donation bins provided.

"If they are full, please do not leave donations outside the bins as they are likely to get damaged due to the weather/environment and we will have to take them to landfill."

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